Got my Melkco Jacka case in finally and after using it for the past 4 days I can confidently say that the case is amazing. It has replaced my Barely There case for daily use and I even feel comfortable using it when I'm at work because of the *padded* flap that protects the screen.

It's kinda neat how they made this. For the back, they took a plastic snap on shell and glued a layer of leather to it so it maintains the contoured shape of the back of the EVO which I think is pretty cool. No other leather case does that. The flap in the front has probably a thin piece of plastic in the middle of it to retain it's shape, with a felty material on the screen side and leather on the outside. The padding in it (on the outside of it, not the screen side) makes it feel really soft and luxurious and I'm sure adds a bit of added protection for the screen. The clip that holds the flap on the phone is tight enough that it stays in place but doesn't require any effort to latch. There is no extra leather around the seams like other cases, and no rough edges at all. My ONLY worry about this case is that the two little strips that hold the front flap on to the back are a little thin but they are reinforced with extra stitching so it's probably not a problem.

The leather that they used came from happy cows that probably went to the health spa often because it is incredibly soft to the touch. Like expensive leather couch soft. The case itself is also pretty thin and the EVO retains full pocketability whist comfortably nestled inside the case's protective bosom. The stitching is only single stitch but that seems strong enough and is done with a level of quality that I did not expect from a Chinese case. In fact, the whole thing has a level of quality that I did not expect.

All in all, I was a little skeptical when I ordered this thing but couldn't be happier. It is my new favorite case and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone that wants to dress their EVO up with a little style.

Get it from for $28 with free shipping.
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