The official 2.3.4 manual update for Sprint's Google Nexus S is available before the OTA. This is a big one as it adds Google's video chat capability. Here's some instructions, courtesy of Gottabemobile, to get it for your phone:
  • 1. Download the file here.
  • 2. Place it in the root of your storage.
  • 3. Turn your phone off, reboot into the bootloader by holding volume up while you turn the phone back on.
  • 4. Using the volume buttons, choose “Recovery” from the list and use the power button to select it.
  • 5. You should see a triangle appear on your screen and at that point, hold down power and press the volume up button and you should see a list of options. Choose the file you just downloaded to update to Android 2.3.4.

For all you "early adopters", let us know what you think in the forums.

Source: Gottabemobile