According to the below internal memo at an unknown Best Buy, some crafty Best Buy Mobile managers are trying to quietly offer some pre-orders to folks that come in asking specifically for the HTC EVO 3D. The memo points out that this is only for people that cannot, or are unwilling to upgrade to a different phone right now. Here's a quote from the memo, “This is meant to capture only those customers coming into our stores inquiring about the EVO 3D who are otherwise not purchasing another phone today. In other words, if a customer asks, you can tell him or her about the pre-sale. Otherwise, mums the word.”

I guess someone at that Best Buy isn't good at keeping secrets. Also, as it turns out, the original folks behind the source of this story, AndroidCentral, have confirmed this by going to Best Buy and trying it out for themselves. Let's hope this means that the release of the phone isn't too far away. If you go in for this pre-order deal, let us know how it went in the forums. (Otherwise, shhhhhh... it's a secret....)

Source: BGR and AndroidCentral