The day has finally come and it looks like those of us who weren't lucky enough to get a free CR-48 from Google and who didn't want to sign up with the GILT group can finally order our Chrome OS devices: The Chromebook. If your not sure what a Chromebook is, don't fear... it's a new device from Google that runs the Google Chrome OS.

What exactly is Chrome OS? Well, it's a very low overhead operating system made by Google that allows your device to have very low power hardware -- this allows the device to increase battery life and decrease price. The downside is that local storage is kept at a minimum -- all your data is stored and accessed from the cloud. This allows you to travel anywhere and access your data from anywhere but has the downside that you need connectivity to access it.

It's still new, and it's always improving but a community has built up around the technology and it's growing by leaps and bounds all the time. If you want to find out more, you can click the following links to view the purchase page for Chromebooks at both Amazon and Best Buy.

Chromebooks at Amazon
Chromebooks at Best Buy

If you want to learn more you can always check out the following sites.. one is dedicated to all Chrome OS devices and the other is made specifically for Chromebooks.

Chrome OS Forum
Chromebook Forum