A recent report from CNET, suggests that later this month, Sprint will officially confirm the rumors we've been hearing about for months now. The report says that on July 28th, Sprint will announce they have signed a partnership with LightSquared to provide LTE 4G service to Sprint's network of customers. Interestingly, the report also said that Sprint doesn't plan on discontinuing the ClearWire WiMAX network and will continue to support it in the future. This is partially due to the fact that Sprint owns a 54% stake in ClearWire. In fact, ClearWire itself has been testing LTE in addition to its existing WiMAX infrastructure. The report indicated that this was all possible because Sprint's network is able to handle multiple wireless technologies simultaneously. It appears that even in the face of scary competition, Sprint is really stepping up their game and are looking good!

Source: BGR and CNET.com