It looks like the Samsung Galaxy SII should be hitting U.S. shores very soon. The first version of the superphone passed through the FCC today, and it turned out to be the Sprint one, as it had a WiMAX 4G radio. The model of the phone is the SPH-D710, and it also won FCC approval for Bluetooth and dual-band Wireless-N WiFi. Interestingly, according to these FCC specs, the phone is 5mm taller and 3mm wider than its European counterpart.

Also, interestingly enough, Samsung released their official results regarding global sales of the flagship phone. Although it turned out that a previous analyst's sales estimates of the phone were off by 1 Million, the actual results of 5 Million were still impressive, especially considering that the phone hasn't even been released in the United States yet. Furthermore, it only took Samsung 85 days to reach that phenomenal number. Compare that with the fact that it took them 125 days to sell the same number of their original Samsung Galaxy S phone, and it's safe to say they have a bona fide "blockbuster" on their hands.

This news, along with multiple rumors indicate that we will most likely be seeing this phone released sometime in August.

Source: and PhanDroid