The drama over the potentially doctored Samsung pics by Apple just heated up in court this morning. A Dutch website called Webwereld, reported on a live Twitter feed from this morning that was straight out of the Düsseldorf court hearing regarding the Apple vs. Samsung case. During the hearing, a reporter named Andreas Udo de Haes, Tweets the events and arguments of counsel "live", and out of the event comes some fairly startling info. Supposedly, Samsung has found 27 pics that were doctored before Apple presented them in court. Furthermore, as you can see from the pic above, there was a heated exchange between the Apple and Samsung lawyers about the issue.

In the end, the judge decided to temporarily uphold the temporary injunction against Samsung so they can review things further and reconvene on September 9th. Below I have included a link to the Twitter feed so you can read the events and discuss theories amongst yourselves. Don't forget, (for those who don't know), in order to read a Twitter feed in time-line order, read it from the bottom upward.

Also... on a sidenote: Don't forget that next Monday, August 29th, we will be holding a Live report (if possible - shortly after if not) of the press event for the Samsung Mobile Galaxy SII Release in New York City around 6PM EST!

Source: via DroidMatters and Webwereld and @andreasuldo Twitter Feed