[Updated]: A new report from PhoneArena seems to also indicate that Sprint will be "upgrading" their upgrade fee from $18 dollars to $36 dollars. It will come into effect on September 9th. This is probably a strategic move to generate a little extra revenue. This comes just before the new Samsung Epic 4G Touch (SGS2) is released.

A new report indicates that Sprint plans to raise their early termination fee for contracts from $200 to $350. The fee will also be pro-rated based upon the number of months remaining in the contract. This actually brings them in line with the fees that AT&T and Verizon charge, and is actually not a surprising move on their part. In fact, it is more surprising that it didn't happen sooner, considering that Sprint is the third largest carrier in the U.S.

Regardless of this, Sprint still has the best truly unlimited plans and cheapest pricing of any of the carriers. They also have vastly improved customer support, now ranking equal to Verizon in first place, and they go out of their way to offer great deals to both new and existing customers.

Any Sprint users out there care to comment on your recent (within this year) experiences with Big Yellow?

Source: Engadget