Apple has now taken their iPhone and iPad legal fight against Samsung to Japan as well. According to a report from Reuters,
Apple has filed a suit with the Tokyo District Court seeking the suspension of sales of Galaxy S and its sequel S II smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 7 in Japan, according to sources close to the matter. The first hearing was held on Wednesday, the source said.
The report further indicated that Samsung is counter-suing Apple for undisclosed reasons and damages. Furthermore, the article shared according to data from research firm Strategy Analytics, the Samsung Galaxy S phone outsold Apple's iPhone in Japan in January-March. An additional update was found in Engadget's article on the subject,[quoteRyuji Yamada, CEO of Japanese provider NTT DoCoMo, is now saying that Apple's lawsuit will not have any effect on next month's Galaxy Tab launch. "We have heard from Samsung that there will be no obstruction to sales," Yamada confirmed. [/quote]

Source: Reuters and Engadget