There is some new "rumint" that suggests the naming mystery of the Android Prime might finally be solved. Supposedly, while attending a Verizon developer's conference in Las Vegas, a journalist for was able to have a "backroom" meeting with a Samsung employee in which they were able to get a private preview of a demo unit that was the Samsung Prime. According to their article, this Samsung employee divulged that the Samsung Prime is indeed the next Nexus device, and will be coming to ALL carriers. He further elaborated that Verizon may indeed be calling it the DROID Prime.

Additionally, he shared most of the specs of the device and a potential release time-frame! The phone will probably be available in late October or early November. According to this source, the demo unit was running Gingerbread for now, because Ice Cream Sandwich was not quite ready yet. He did indicate that it should be ready in time, and will come on the final version of the Samsung Prime. Here is a description of the device with specs the source divulged:
  • Looks similar to the Nexus S, but is taller to accommodate the LTE radio
  • Power Button and volume rocker on sides
  • NFC, MHL and HDMI
  • 8MP camera on the back and 2MP camera on the front
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • T.I. dual-core OMAP processor

For now, this could simply be nothing but hearsay, so we are calling it a rumor; however, it definitely is within the realm of possibility, and would be quite exciting if it turned out to be true!

Source: PrimeForums via TheDroidGuy