We know that this is a site dedicated to Androids for Sprint, and we don't want you guys to think we love 'Andy' the Android any less, but we know that you guys have friends and spouses that are on Sprint that may be interested in the following info. (Plus, we just love technology and if it weren't for Apple pushing the envelope in technology, then Android wouldn't be as amazing as it is!)

Here's the news: Apple, at their keynote event, has just announced the launch of the iPhone 4S for Sprint. The phone will be available on October 14th and you can begin pre-orders on October 7th.

We also want to share with you that we have our own dedicated sister-site, @ iPhoneForums.net, where you can get all your news and share info with other community members.

Here's a feature breakdown of the new Apple flagship smartphone:
  • The A5 Processor - Dual-Core (2x Faster) - Includes Dual-Core GPU for 7X Faster Graphics - Impressive gaming demos - This is basically the iPad 2 chip but probably not clocked as fast.
  • Improved Battery Life - 8 hrs talk time on 3G, 9 hours browsing on Wi-Fi, 10 hours video, 40 hours music
  • 2x Faster Downloads - HSPA+ 14.4 (not 21+) Intelligent switching for improved downloads
  • World Phone - Both GSM and CDMA
  • Better Call Quality
  • New and Improved 8MP Camera - Hybrid IR Filter - Five Element Lens for Sharper Pics - Face Detection and Improved White Balance - CMOS backside illuminated sensor, 73% more light! Wide f2.4. Super fast photo taking chip. 1.1 seconds for first photos
  • 1080P HD Video Recording - real-time video image stabilization - real-time temporal noise reduction
  • AirPlay Mirroring - Wired or Wireless
  • iOS 5 - Brand New OS for the Phone

Be sure to head over to iPhoneForums.net for all the latest news and chatter about the Apple iPhone 4S and its new iOS 5.