Okay, it's been well over a month since I've written and I've been evaluating my battery and here's what I've found:
Bear in mind, I'm off work with an injury and I'm fiddling with my evo all day and using it fairly heavy everyday. Initially I could run from sun up (7-8am) until easily after 1am before I got hit with that 15% battery needs to be charged alert.
I'm running everything except 4g (Not available here in San Diego .....yet).

There are times when after I've awakened, removed the phone from the charger and within 45min - hour there's a loss of battery power showing. I continue plugging on the day and as of recently, I can say that I can solidly hit 12-14hrs with heavy use.

I've read and seen the reviews on youtube of the battery in full effect and have been feeling kinda gypped because a lot of reviewers are/have been saying that they are doing this and that with their batteries and not running out of power. Which influenced me to buy the battery in the first place. But, being a month in, am I asking/expecting too much of this battery getting a solid 10hrs with heavy use?

Heavy use for me includes at least:
2 to 3 25min calls.
Web Searching,
3-4 Appbrain syncs.
Facebook /Twitter updates throughout the day
Gaming at least 20-30 minutes.
2-3 App to sd syncs.
RSS reading at least 35 minutes.
Scanner Radio Pro runs at least 35minues on the daily.

I've read and used some of the battery conditioning techniques that are out on how to run the battery and some of these have stopped the battery from showing power loss after that initial hr or so. It was SOOOO annoying to me!

I've just as of recently, been just plugging the phone in around the home because I can and somewhere I read where it said, it's not a good thing to run the batteries out as they're not nicads but they work more efficiently with a lot of mini charges.
I don't know if it's true but, compared to other Evo users I know, (4) this battery is doing the Lord's work in comparison to stock, which of course it should.

Any suggestions or comments from other Inocell owners?

The clip works well and my phantomskinz screen cover is just what the doctor ordered.
I do wish that Seidio would come out with an Innocase and clip for this battery.
I'm believing they will.

Okay, the same night I originally wrote this review I for the 1st time:

"Powered off the Evo and plugged it in the charger."

Usually, I keep it plugged in beside my bed & mess with it until I fall asleep.
Anyway, the next morning and until now my battery has been going strong!
So, the secret is to fully shut it down and let it charge! Based upon what others have said USB Charging vs. Wall charging can be a factor and that may be true as I plug my Evo into my laptop on the nightly. it's just been convenient as it's next to my bed. But, it appears that the Evo needs to be powered down, charged until light goes green and you've got enough juice to power through 30+ hrs on end using your Evo like a laptop doing whatever it is you'd like!

Also, as a side note two more things:
1) I have been using the Phantomskinz screen protector as mentioned and it's a dream. It takes a day or so after it's applied for the "Hazy" look to disappear but the velvety slide your finger receives is worth the time and investment you've made into it.

2) I bought the Amzer Jelly case for like $8 from Amazon and using a box cutter, cut out the back and now I have a case that is form fitted and covers the sides of my evo like a glove. With the extended batteries' cover, Amzer case and phantomskinz my Evo is completely secure and the feel and grip is amazing!
Thanks for hearing my little journey and experiences of Evo self discovery.