Went to a sprint store (appointment) and they told me that when I am connected via wifi at home, it will not be able to receive text notification and will not be able to see my picture (I have the download button showing but will not open the picture when I click on it). So this means, that when I have wifi connection at home, that disables the 3G connection that I have thus not seeing the Sprint's server where the text are delivered. Aren't the text messages via the 3G or 4G connectivity on the phone. So my wifi connection will not allow the 3G connection on the phone. I tested sending a picture message from my Epic to my Tilt2 (AT&T) windows phone with the same wifi connection and I get the notification and I have to click on the icon to display the picture with no problem. But the epic as I have explained earlier, will give me no notification, it gives me a download button when I open up the text message - but will not do anything at all - not opening the picture. when I disable my wifi - no problem