Strange occurrence this morning. I awoke to my phone alarm at 5:45A, the time for which it was set. When I walked out into the kitchen I noticed there was a lot of daylight. Checked the phone again, 5:50A. Okay. Didn't think much of it. Got dressed, out the door to work.

Phone rings, "hey, you coming to work today." I said "yeah, I'll be there in a few." "Okay, well, you're late."

I look again at the phone, it says 6:07A. "No I'm not" and I laugh. The guy hangs up.

A few minutes later he calls back and says, "really dude, you're late, it's ten after seven." I look again at the phone. It says 7:10A.

I know there have been issues with time updates on the Sprint network in the past. What in the world would cause something like this to happen and has anybody else seen this sort of behavior?

I have a decent signal in the house and I'm also on WiFi at the house.

Good thing is I'm NEVER late to work. Usually 30 minutes early. The guys were laughing saying I'm the first person to be late on fall back.