but a friend got a My Touch Slide We seemed to have lost the My Faves LARGE version. What would you call that, the My Faves Widget??/ I tried and can't find it. Might someone be able to help. We'd appreciate it.

Also anyway of changing the Flower on the open, lock screen? And fwiw, getting more wallpapers?

Also, he only had contacts on his SIM card, so I had to copy them, I did not know the difference in copying them to T-mobile, gmail address, or phone. they give you three choices, and now all numbers are linked to them. I don't think it matters at all (does it) you only see it if you choose, for example to put a shortcut of a contact on the desktop, then it shows 3 for each one.

So, can you tell me what each one is
Whether you would change it
And, even if you wouldn't, what I should do, should I decide I wanna fix for him

Thanks so much