Hi everyone I've been using my N1 on T-mobile for a couple of months now and never really complained about my internet speed because I'm on a grandfathered 5.99 T-Zones plan. However, I've been reading around on some forums and heard people say that they get full 3g speeds (1+ mbps) on their N1s with the 5.99 T-Zones. Using the speedtest.net android app, I've never been able to break 1 mbps (my highest was .7 mbps) and I've ran the tests in Santa Barbara and Fountain Valley CA, both of which should have 3g speeds according to T-mobile's website. I bought the phone on ebay and its on version 2.2 without any mods but the phone or bootloader is unlocked (I'm not that good with terms but when I restart my phone the lock on the bottom is unlocked, so whatever that means) and the status bar on the top of the screen does say I'm on 3g. Does anyone know whats causing my slow speeds? Is it because I'm on the 5.99 T-Zones plan and will upgrading to the unlimited data plan fix my problem?
Thanks for your help.