Gurus and gurettes <that's a guru with tourettes!

I recently rooted and rommed my N1 with the help of Danger-Rat... Yeah, I'm name-droppin!

This gave me the cajones to move forward with my old 32b original MT3g... I have had it since it was new, and it was always slow & sloppy, like old people eating soup. I decided to nix the crappy froyo upgrade from Tmo and give it a boost in the rom dept. It now has ezterry's 2708 cm6.1 with the nightly 251 kernel... hoah ya!

Now it is speedy and getting to a place of respectability. Thanks to all that put together these tutorials! I used much of Danger-Rat's N1 tutorial to work this MT3g into shape... so thanks again!

Now, I have a few Q's pertaining to Tmo and this 32b... in no particular order:

Uno: Is there a way to kill the fugly stylized mytouch green screen on boot?? Please please help me kill it b4 it kills me!

Secondly: I have a couple of old PCMCIA Tmo cards that have data connectivity SIMs only. When I plug the SIMs into branded Tmo phones, namely my G1 and this MT3g (both are rommed)... the web goes straight to their landing page for "tmo2go" signup. Curiously, I plug them into my N1's and not only do I have 3g goodness, I can browse the web AND use my N1's as routers! WOOO! FTW.

So, my long winded Q would be what can I do to kill the Tmo check that disables my browsing ability on the Tmo branded phones?

I was thinking perhaps the radio img? All I have flashed on the MT3g is the rec & rom... Radio is current at, if I remember correctly.

I know WHY this check happens, because I'm only supposed to use the SIMs in the PCMCIA cards they came with... I only have one 'puter left with a PC card slot and it is being obsoleted soon, plus the cards aren't 3G, so fuggetaboudit!

Something in the N1 firmware doesn't care about this check, and Tmo, inc. is none the wiser.

If anyone knows where this check happens or knows of an img that I can flash to make this thing NOT a Tmo MT3g other than in spirit, it would make one Mytouch xstrymly happy!!