configuring N1 with tmo's $10 unlimited web for phone service

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Thread: configuring N1 with tmo's $10 unlimited web for phone service

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    Anybody got MMS to work?

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    will HSPA+ work with this?

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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have been a T-Mobile prepaid phone user (so already got a SIM for a non-smartphone) for a while and I want to get a new monthly plan for a Nexus One.

    Is the setting still working or do people run into problems in recent days?

    Thank you

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    Still working for me (web, email, most apps -- except for streaming radio like Pandora.)

    I recently had a scare while returning from a trip overseas. I had switched my US sim back in but forgot to change the APN and ack -- no 3Gs! But, after a little while (hours) and having it off for the last leg of my domestic flight all was well when back in my hometown.

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    This is awesome!

    After paying $25 for a month of data service, I bumped into this thread. So I called Tmobile to cancel my $25/m Android data plan then add $10/m unlimited web plan for phone. You know what --- it works like a charm !!!

    I haven't run a thorough test yet, but everything seems to be fine so far -- even the Pandora is working.

    I have to say a million thanks to you guys.

    Last -- a small tip for anyone who cannot get the 3G sign after following the instructions. Don't forget to turn on the "Data enabled" switch! Because I forgot to do so at first, for a moment I thought it was a failed trial, until I discovered my "Data enabled" button is off :rofl3:

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    I take it as the return for the low bars in my apt

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    Hey guys, I got a question.
    I read through the whole thread so I know pretty much everything now, but, either I'm stupid or something, but I can't seem to find where to add the $9.99 plan on my tmobile website (or any plan for that matter).

    I selected the Shadow as my phone (The razor wouldnt work, it'd just revert back to blank since I didn't have a phone set before apparently). Aaand... now what? Where do I go? If I go to Manage->Plans & Services I can't do anything. No buttons like "add service" or something. Can somebody give me a walkthrough guide for the site?

    Although I suspect it might have something to do with my account holder. My family's 4 lines I THINK are all held by my uncle. If that's the case, is he the only one allowed to modify our plans and what not? I remember I added a 400 domestic messages plan before but it was a long time ago and I think I did it through my phone.

    FYI, besides that messages plan I'm using a FamilyTime 700 plan, on 4 lines.
    So yeah, can somebody help me out here.

    EDIT: Oh and by the way, I got the phone off eBay too. The listing is still up, you can look at it here. In the product description it says "Google Nexus One - smartphone - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM"... I'm a little concerned about this. Notice how he points out that when he was in Las Vegas he had a very good reception and very fast internet. I'm lost, but I just hope I didn't buy some kind of a non 3G compatible version... I don't even think that's possible, since the only other one is the ATT one and clearly that's not what he had.

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    So, I had been using this $10 plan with no problem until today when I rooted my nexus and flashed cyanogenmod 6, Is anybody here using this with cyanogen?, I dont want to have to pick between cyanogen and this $10 hack.

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    whats wrong with cm6 and the $9.99 plan working together?

    Im on cm6 and 5.99 plan. still working fine.
    iphoneeee killaaaaaaaaaa :nexusx:

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    MMS isn't working for me. Anyone know a solution?

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