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I beg to differ... I sync my apps calendar on my android. I also have it synced with my iPhone.
Your apps account has to be the default account on your N1 in order for it to sync though, as 2.1 only syncs one calendar. I believe I saw that 2.2 FroYo syncs multiple calendars, but I could be wrong.
That's most likely why it doesn't show up in my phone: I have my gmail account as my primary/default account. With my apps account as my secondary account there is no option for syncing the calendar.
If anyone figures out how to get this working, please post something. Most of this thread is confusing and little concrete information.

Google calendar just won't sync with my Nexus One; all settings are correct and forced sync doesn't work either. I have both my gmail account and sybnc calendar' checked. Force sync doesn't work either.