I still have the myBlue Web unlimited on Centennial Wireless ('joined' ATT) and it works great on my Nokia smartphones using these settings but I get "Web page not available" when I use it in my N1.
Does anyone have this working or know the values needed for the N1 (ATT version) below? THANKS!

Name: myBlue Web (<-works w/ Nokia)
APN: mmspublicwap.centennialwireless.com (<-works w/ Nokia)
Proxy: (<-works w/ Nokia)
Port: 8080 (<-works w/ Nokia)
Username <blank> (<-works w/ Nokia)
Password <blank> (<-works w/ Nokia)
MMS Proxy:
MMS port:
MCC: 310 (<-default N1 value)
MNC: 030 (<-default N1 value)
Authentication type: PAP (<-default N1 value)
APN type: