Motorola Backflip Maintenance Update.

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Thread: Motorola Backflip Maintenance Update.

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    Hi. I am NEW to the site and NOT knowledgeable about manually updating my phone - but I DID read all 19 pages of posts and I think I'm ready to ask my question. I am in Afghanistan and have unlocked my phone by talking to AT&T customer service. I have hard-line internet access but no wireless hot spots around. I am using my phone with a local Afghani sim card. I don't know what RSD lite is or how to get it and have never seen a blue Moto screen. I would like to update my phone because I use the camera quite a bit and it force-closes on me. What is the BACKFLIP FOR DUMMIES way to get this done?

    Thanks for all your time and knowledge!

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    There is currently no way to manually install the 13.37 update on your phone. It must be installed either by OTA update using either cell data or wireless. An intermediate update, 13.35 was captured and can be manually installed on the phone.

    You can look at this thread. You're looking for the 13.35 firmware under US MB300. There are instructions there. There really isn't a backflip for dummies way of doing it. You risk possibly screwing up your phone if you don't do it right (though many have done so successfully without issue).
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