How do you feel about the new site?

This is a discussion on How do you feel about the new site? within the AT&T forums, part of the Android Phone Carriers category; Originally Posted by Sam i agree it is a bit awkward if you are used to vbulletin, it's certainly strange to me anyway.. i do ...

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Thread: How do you feel about the new site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post
    i agree it is a bit awkward if you are used to vbulletin, it's certainly strange to me anyway.. i do like it though, it's just an adjustment. suggestions? organization seem good?
    The organization seems fine to me. I do miss not seeing a quick summary of recent posts all in a lump somewhere.

    The biggest improvement you could make right now, from my personal perspective anyway, would be to allow us to stay logged in the same way the old forum did. Frankly, I don't think it's a huge security risk, not in this context at least, and it certainly would be a lot more convenient for us.

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    We are working on getting the "remember me" box in the top login area. For now, you can sign in on the front page, right side column and have it remember your login:

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    It looks nice and all but to be honest I want a forum for the Backflip and not the other AT&T Android phones. I've bookmarked the sub-forum for the Backflip but I am then missing out on a few forums that interest me, like apps for instance . I understand that they work on all Droids so makes sense to not just have that in the Backflip area.

    Gun to my head?...I liked the old board better, it felt like a small dedicated forum with a bunch of regular posters and I liked that.

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    Hopefully, you won't see any of those regulars leaving's still a great source of info for the BF. What we hope is that the same atmosphere will simply spread to the upcoming "family" of AT&T Droids. Why limit ourselves as AT&T starts to get behind the Android OS?

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    That's what other boards like are for. This was a very niche board.

    On the plus side, I love the custom avy option.

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    i like the fact it has plenty of information ( i dont know what u were using before) but u need an IRC cuz if some people (who are noobs) have issues who they gonna go to? i had an issue with something and no one has helped me on it yet. i had to go to one of my droid friends and they kinda helped but didnt know everything. this is my suggestion. other than that thanks for all the info and the site does look good

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    Con 5150 has a good point. I like that the forums are expanding to encompass all AT&T Android phones, but quite frankly, I have a backflip. I don't really need to see anything from the other phones. Is there not a way to have those few universal threads like the apps and games show in each separate phone forum?

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    I like how everything is joined together. That means that there are more people on the forums and more people to help by solving their problems.

    I can't get the chat we have now to work for me when I'm using Opera on my Backflip. I can write the message, but I can't submit it.
    Credit goes to for my avatar.

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    Excellent New Forum, I really like the look and feel of it....

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    I'm new completely and I have to say I enjoy having all the phones here - my bookmark/link is to the Captivate forum, then, once I'm done there, I navigate out to the main page and read the General and the Apps subforums.

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