Motorola Backflip Finally Receiving OTA Update 13.37

This is a discussion on Motorola Backflip Finally Receiving OTA Update 13.37 within the AT&T forums, part of the Android Phone Carriers category; MotoMobile has just announced that the latest 13.37 OTA Software Update is finally rolling out to the Motorola Backflip. This is a relief for many ...

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Thread: Motorola Backflip Finally Receiving OTA Update 13.37

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    Motorola Backflip Finally Receiving OTA Update 13.37

    MotoMobile has just announced that the latest 13.37 OTA Software Update is finally rolling out to the Motorola Backflip. This is a relief for many Backflip users, who have been waiting since May for this maintenance update. Back in May, Motorola announced the 13.35 OTA Update, but at the time, it only went to a test group of 1,000 phones, and never was sent to the masses. Well, this time around, it looks that the 13.37 Update will be sent OTA to all US Backflips, and that the rollout has already started.

    Here are the Highlights of the 13.37 Update:

    So has anyone received the OTA update yet? What are your initial thoughts?

    Check out full details on the OTA, and instructions on how to install it here.

    via Shadez, AndroidHeadlines
    Source MotoMobile,

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    just got my update (finally). I do admit, it was kind of sluggish at first, but them took off. I can't explain it, unless it was still calibrating to a 'better 3G connectivity". We will see, I'll put it through it's paces later on tonight.

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    One thing I noticed is my "stuttering bars" problem is gone. They're fixing the tower near my house, so my 3g is VERY spotty, but it still comes in fairly well. Before the update I would see 1 bar of EDGE go to 5 bars of 3G, which made absolutely no sense, but now it seems to have a system.

    Also, my phone is much snappier! Plus I don't know if its just luck so far, but I haven't had my phone randomly blare my music when I unlock the screen and am listening to music, where it would turn the volume all the way up and scare me half to death.

    As for battery life, not too much of a difference here. And the graphics are still meh. "Asteroids" is sluggish, and that depresses me.

    I am very impressed with Motorola. They're really pulling through for us on this phone... by the way.... any of those wifi packets traced? anybody?

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    Yes same server as before.Its still encrypted.

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    Checked for udate...

    Downloading and installing as i type.

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    Just got the update seems to be working fine, havnt noticed any mind blowing stuff, but hopefully this fixes some of the slight problems with the battery and some apps.

    Btw I'm in st.louis misouri so u mid west folks need to check for the update if u haven't already.

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    I got my update Friday evening. Haven't noticed much of an improvement on anything with it, though.
    After the last update, my txts started disappearing from the native messaging app, so I reluctantly installed Handcent (I like it enough, but I was content with the native app). Since this update, though, my txts don't disappear!
    Other than that, haven't noticed much of a difference.

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    If you were running 13.35 you won't really notice much difference on 13.37. 13.37 was really just a slight bug fix for some of the broken things people reported on 13.35, such as possibly your disappearing text messages. It also seems to have fixed the issue with copy-protected apps not appearing in the Market which was happening with 13.35.

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