Update 2:47 PM EST: Replaced above photo with actual shot of retail phone in-hand, thanks Engadget!

Nothing gets you pumped more for a smartphone release than a promo video! And lucky for us, Samsung USA has just posted the official AT&T Samsung Captivate Preview Video for the world to see. As cheesy as the video (and its music soundtrack) may be, it certainly shows off one of the most anticipated smartphones of the 2010, in all its glory.

We wonder, considering the iPhone 4 is clearly AT&T's flagship device, will AT&T spend any time/resources to promote the Captivate? Or will YouTube be where its promotion ends?

Check out the Preview Video below, and let us know what you think:

Also, AT&T and Samsung just unveiled the retail box. Notice the Galaxy S branding all over it, but little in reference to Google/Android:

via AndroidSpin, Android Central, Engadget
source Youtube