Well that didn't take long. Shortly after its international launch, the Samsung Galaxy S has fallen victim to the development community! Thanks to some usual culprits, the Galaxy S has been successfully hacked and root was attained. Leshack, of SamDroid, was the originator of the international Galaxy S hack, and the XDA community has ported his hack to the US versions. Currently tested to work on the AT&T Captivate and T-Mobile Vibrant, those at XDA believe that a few small modifications to the script will allow it to work on the Sprint Epic 4G and Verizon Fascinate as well.

Paul O'Brien, of Modaco.com, has already created a custom ROM and ROM kitchen for the international Galaxy S, but will likely need to be modified to work on the US versions.

How to get your phone rooted? All it takes is to flash an update.zip, which will give you su permissions, busybox, and Superuser.apk. Download the Vibrant update.zip here. The Captivate update.zip can be found here. People have had success with these update.zips, but I would be careful what I flash on my phone without double- and triple checking. Follow Follow the XDA thread for updates and support.

This is certainly exciting news for anyone interested in purchasing a Galaxy S Series phone. So, how long before we see some FroYo on a US Galaxy S?

via AndroidandMe
source SamDroid, Modaco, XDA

Thanks to Darkseider for the tip!