Pre-P:urchase Questions- Need some Help!

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Thread: Pre-P:urchase Questions- Need some Help!

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    Pre-P:urchase Questions- Need some Help!

    Hello All,

    Hey a former iPhone and Blackberry user who is looking to jump onboard the Android Express, hoot, hoot! So I need some help. I am an AT&T new subscriber and as such I have 30 days to try and like it time. I had the Samsung Captivate, but sent it back due to problems (GPS, Random Shut Down, Contacts and Calendar Syncing...), Fedex is showing it will be dropped off tomorrow, so I have a little time to make a final decision. Since I am locked into AT&T, they don't have a lot of the great Android names (Droid X, Incredible, etc...). They have basically these phones; Samsung Captivate ($9.99 free activation & shipping), The Sony Xperia X10 ($79.99 free activation & shipping), HTC Aria (No Cost free activation & shipping), Motorola Backflip (No Cost free activation & shipping) and one other not worthy of mention. Of course if I opt out of the Android market than the HTC Tilt 2 (Windows 6.5 Pro, No Cost free activation & shipping) comes into the mix, but it is Windows, well at least it will hook into Outlook with no problems (or so I think).

    So folks, which one should I go with? Please don't bash me for going to AT&T, I am doing it for you, but the family is all on it, so I jumped before I looked (Slaps himself in the face, lol). Please give me some feedback as to why you choose the one you did.................THANKS!


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    Hey Gunny! I'm going to let those more qualified speak for me. I used to have a Motorola Backflip, but I switched to my girlfriend's plan on Verizon b/c I got sick of waiting for the supposed upgrade to 2.1. Having Android 1.5 on your phone will really cripple you app wise, but that should change once that update takes place. Right now, I feel badly for us Backflip users (or past users, as I now have a Droid X) b/c Motorola really only seems to care about their big horses in the stable.

    As for the Samsung, I have heard of the GPS issue. But there should be a software fix soon. Don't know much about that Sony, but doesn't it ship with Android 1.6? It should have a higher version of Android for (me personally to) purchase. The Aria is nice but on the tiny side. It could be a good entry phone. If you got used to that big screen on the Captivate, you will certainly find the smaller screens on the Backflip and the Aria a little lackluster.

    But please, please, please DO NOT go with the Tilt 2. It's a great phone, trust me, but Windows 6.5 cripples it badly. Stick with Android. Trust me on this. Good luck. I will let the other owners of the AT&T Android devices speak now.


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