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This is a discussion on Blackberry vs Captivate within the AT&T forums, part of the Android Phone Carriers category; Originally Posted by Johnnie5000 I switched from a BB 8900 to a Captivate. PROS: *The Droid OS is a bit more open and user friendly ...

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Thread: Blackberry vs Captivate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnnie5000 View Post
    I switched from a BB 8900 to a Captivate.


    *The Droid OS is a bit more open and user friendly than the BB's OS.

    *Bigger Screen.

    *Same charger/usb as BB 8900.

    *It can run apps that a BB could never dream of running.

    *Contact List holds more information.

    *Definitely cooler looking than a blackberry.


    *The Captivate is a cheaply made POS that needs to be killed with fire.
    (I'm on my third one, with a fourth replacement being fed-ex'd to me now)

    *The antenna is much much much weaker than a BB's antenna. 2 bars on a BB = 0-1 bars on a Captivate.

    *Texting and typing in general take a lot of getting used to. You (& your thumbs) will miss your BB keyboard. Backspace is your friend on this heap.

    *There's no skipping ahead in your contact list by pushing a button (r,s,t etc) You start at A and go down from there.

    *No good cases yet. No Otterbox or anything else remotely durable. Just cheap flea-market quality silicon cases.

    Basically if your switch from you super reliable blackberry to this unreliable cheap piece of crap, you'll regret it. I really wish I would have went with my gut instinct and got the Torch instead.
    can you describe exactly what brook? How soon after you got the device?

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    Oh and btw, watch out for Blackberry and other mfg street team losers who go to other msg boards to bash whatever they are not promoting, and trying to sell their own stuff like it's the holy grail.[/QUOTE]

    I agree with your above statement. I was thinking the same about the sellers of Captivate though. I'm sure there are sellers here on this site inflating their product & bashing their competition. But yes, the sure way is to purchase the phone and personally evaluate it during the first 30 days.

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    If they're not cheaply made why am I on my 4th phone after getting the first in mid August? If they're not cheaply made then how are there already a plentiful supply of refurbs when the phone is only a few months old?

    As far as skipping ahead on the contacts go, my fingers are not that small.

    1st phone: (new)Bad antenna. Would not keep a call for more than 1 minute without dropping it. Bad from the get go, kept a week and a half before it had to die.
    2nd phone: (new) Bad external speaker. No ring, no speakerphone, etc. Lasted almost a month.
    3rd phone: (refurb) Would not send/receive texts or mms. tech support unable to resolve. Lasted about 3 days.
    4th phone: (refurb) Still having texting issues. More antenna issues with this one as well. May end up going back to be refurb'd again. Had since yesterday. Likely DOA.

    All 4 - No water damage, no drop damage. First two came from an AT&T store, last two were drop shipped refurbs since I was out of my 30day return window.

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    Funny thing is i have had this since the release and i have 6 other friends that have this and not one problem in the bunch. Must be your luck sucks when it comes to this phone...But hey to each his own...

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