The battle of the networks is here and only people missing is Verizon. After T-mobile began its claim for being the largest 4G network in America, many network operators were not too pleased, and AT&T is one of them. They said T-mobile is false advertising themselves, because they (AT&T) also have the same HSPA+ network working for more people than T-mobile has reported, and they have had it for a long time. Now, this claim is actually very true, but here is the difference… How many devices does T-mobile have with this technology? 2, with some more coming soon. Now counting the devices AT&T offers us is very easy… They don’t. The only device that takes advantage of the technology AT&T provides is the USB modem, and I am not sure millions of people in the US use that that.

“T-Mobile’s claims about 4G are based on the same HSPA+ technology we have deployed to 180 million people today, more than T-Mobile’s reported 140 million, and we’ll have it rolled out to 250 million people by the end of this month, substantially more than the 200 million T-Mobile says it will have by year-end,”

Now doesn’t that sound like a hot battle of words or what? I am excited to see what Verizon will say about it, or are they keeping quiet until their LTE network comes into the market.

News via: Phandroid (Sprint, AT&T Respond to T-Mobile’s 4G Claims; I Proclaim this to be America’s First “4G War” | Android Phone Fans )