When exactly will Honeycomb arrive? Only Google knows for sure but if you pay attention and try to read in between the lines you may have a good piece of evidence that Honeycomb will be available as early as February of 2011. DigiTimes - a well respect tech/cpu publication stated that both Motorola and LG will have Tegra-2 powered Honeycomb tablets out in February and March.

Both Motorola and LG have given us plenty of hints and snippets as to the tablets they are developing so that's nothing new, but this is the first time we've gotten hints that they would be rolling with Honeycomb instead of Gingerbread. It makes sense as Google stated that Gingerbread would not bring the updates for higher resolution screens and that's really what is needed for a truly great Tablet experience. We speculate however that Honeycomb will have these upgrades.

Your thoughts?

(Source: Phandroid)