Acer had a huge conference yesterday where they announced a number or devices. We brought you the news on that yesterday and told you about the tablets they announced. Today we'll get a bit more in-depth on the "phone/tablet" that they announced.

First off this device is not available yet but Acer is claiming that it will be available in January of 2011 which is not too far off... unfortunately they will be missing the holiday sales rush. The specs on the device are pretty impressive. First off we'll start with huge screen. 5 inches. Which puts the larger phones out there (weighing in around 4.3") to shame. Next the device will feature a 1024x480 resolution - not too far below what some LCD monitor's were sporting just a few short years ago. In addition it will have a 1GHz Snapdragon processor (we will of course hope for dual core). Rounding it out is the 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.

This phone is touting some serious specs and screen real estate and we can't wait for this beast to arrive and bring another player to the Android phone/tablet market.

Anyone else excited?

(Source: BGR)