To make up for the not so satisfactory data experience we get in some areas in New York and other populous cities, AT&T is planning to expand their hot zones to cover more of their costumers. This news comes from AT&T themselves who say after some great response they received from their consumers, they are planning to not only expand the range of their New York hot zone area, but also go to other major cities like San Francisco and more.

Here is what they had to say exactly:
“Following a successful pilot program, AT&T today announced plans to expand its deployment of AT&T Wi-Fi hotzones to additional locations in major markets, starting with the expansion of its existing Times Square Wi-Fi hotzone and new hotzones near Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral,” reads the press release. “In addition, AT&T plans to launch its next Wi-Fi hotzone in San Francisco’s popular Embarcadero Center.” AT&T says hotzones will “enhance the broadband experience for AT&T customers” who live in these urban areas.

Anyone leave in New York? How does this hot zone affect you?

Source (AT&T will deploy Wi-Fi)