With all the good news coming from AT&T at CES there was bound to be some bad news sooner or later, and it seems AT&T chose sooner. In a recent report, AT&T is expected to stop sales of their lowest selling Android devices in the coming months. The lack of software updates and low costumer sanctification might be the blame for this move, but AT&T says they are just clearing out the shelves for new better devices to come in (like the one featured in the video above). The two devices being removed from stores are the Motorola Backflip (February 2nd) and the Xperia X10 (March 6th). These dates seem set, so if you are interested in buying one of those devices, then you might want to do that right away before they are both gone.

Source (AT&T Soon to Drop Motorola Backflip, Xperia X10 | Android Phone Fans)