It seems Sony Ericsson is actually trying to put everything the X10 was plagued with to the grave by improving this new Arc to its max. The latest new hardware improvement comes in as something the X10 was in dire need for, multi-touch support. The pervious Xperia device was made with a lack of multi-touch software, even though it could support it and would work fine. Regardless, thatís the past and Sony Ericsson is looking at the future by putting a practically unlimited multi-touch digitizer on their upcoming Sony Ericsson Arc. This means you can put up to 32 fingers on this one 4.2 inch screen and itíll still work just fine.

How do you guys feel about this improvement? Is Sony Ericsson actually setting themselves for an epic comeback like Motorola did with the OG Droid? Reply Below. Personally, I am excited for this new phone, and being the thinnest phone to come out of CES, beating the LG Optimus Black, I might have a new phone on my shopping list.

Source (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc to Support “Unlimited” Multi-Touch Points | Android Phone Fans)