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Thread: Android question

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    Android question

    What is the best android for 3G and for 4G on the Att network?And if i get a 4G android phone and if i have 3G network in the place i liveing will we get 4G?

    I was thinking of get a android phone in a few mouths but i not sure what one would be good.

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    Well in the case of looking for a 3G phone the Samsung Captivate looks real good, screen is large and very vibrant. 1gig processor and flash support. It runs on HSPA which is like 3.5G data connection. Its a reaal nice phone.
    But seeing your gonna be waiting a few months your in luck with what AT&T is putting out. The HTC Inspire (<3.. I am in love) and the Motorola Atrix are both coming by then. And at spine tingling prices. Both "4G" using the HSPA+ data. Both have their ups and Downs and really depends on what your gonna be using them for. RESEARCH is your best option. Google them and check em out. I am personally a HTC fan myself. They seem to really make quality products and are usually supported very well. I wanna welcome you now to the android community and wish I could see.your face everytime you say "omg... look at what I can do on this phone!!" Lol

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