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O2 UK has confirmed that the HTC Desire S will be on sale with O2 in April this year.

The HTC Desire S was officially announced in February this year and both Three and Orange quickly announcing they would be adding it to their portfolios.

The HTC Desire S , successor to the Desire, is made from a single block of aluminium giving it incredible strength and beauty. It features a large 3.7 inch touch-screen and is powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor.

Other features of the HTC Desire S include a 5 mega-pixel with LED flash, front-facing VGA camera for video calling and 4GB of on-board memory. The HTC Desire S will ship with Android 2.4, which hasn't been released yet.

The key features as highlighted by O2 are :

  • Sense 2.1 with cloud support and Gingerbread OS
  • Front facing camera
  • Capture & Share in HD with a 720p camera
  • Record video at 30 frames per second
  • Aluminum uni-body design

O2 has put up a HTC Desire S "coming soon" page but they have not arranged for pre-ordering as yet. Meanwhile, you can check out our articles and videos for the HTC Desire S here.