Here's a bit of interesting news for you technophiles that like to monkey around with your tablets. Apparently, their is a "hidden feature" within Honeycomb that allows you to "activate" an experimental Gingerbread interface. This is done by simply changing the pixel density settings of your Honeycomb tablet from 160 dpi to 170 dpi, and voila, you can play with a Gingerbread look to your UI. Here's a quote from Engadget explaining how the tweak works,
According to modder Graffix0214, all you need for making the jump is one simple tweak in a system file: assuming you already have root access, use your preferred method -- Pocketables recommends the LCDDensity for Root app -- to change the LCD density value to 170 or higher to emulate a smaller, denser display. After a reboot, you should then see some Gingerbread love as demoed by Graffix0214's video after the break; and likewise, set the value to 160 or lower to roll back. It sure is nice to have an option, eh?
This seems pretty nifty. Be sure to share in the forums what you think of this if you "monkey around" with it. Here's a video demo below:

Source: Engadget