Last night the Twittersphere and the internet was abuzz with word that Steve Kondik, Mr. 'Cyanogen' himself, was hired by Samsung. At first there was speculation that Samsung may be creating there own custom version of CyanogenMod, and there was also rumblings that Kondik was simply walking away from the Mod he helped create. But, it turns out, Kondik simply got a great job offer as a software engineer at Samsung, and will continue to work on CyanogenMod as a side-project. Here is a quote from Steve Kondik himself,'s a job and I'm glad that I can use what I learned from all this to do something cool in the real world I'll still be doing code review and some leadership for CM, but I'll be keeping it legit like always...I think we really broke away from the modding community. Most of us are professional engineers or in the field some way or another.
Let's congratulate Steve on proving that with hard work and commitment, the dream of turning a hobby into a career really can work! Share what you think this could mean for the popular mod in the forums.

Source: AndroidGuys