I am getting a Square credit card reader. Hopefully it will work with my HTC Aria phone. I would like to get a android tablet to use with the Square app, but I don't know what AT&T tablet is compatiable. My friend just bought a Sprint (her carrier) Galaxy Pad SPH-P100 and her Square app works with it. She said I need an older model tab for Square to work. Has anyone used the Square app on an AT&T tablet? All help and advice will be greatly appreciated. I do a monthly flea market booth and Ameribanc is costing me a fortune! The promised $10 a month turned out to be $60 to $70. A friend and I both were lied to and I am trying to find a cheaper alternative. :confused:Also, if you have a tablet, do you just pay for bandwidth? Or do you have to pay another fee just like it was another phone?