T-Mobile Experience:
I first bought the T-Mobile version with a t-mobile plan. According to T-mobiles coverage map, my home and work should have the best 3G coverage available. Upon testing out the N1 on tmobile i had great edge reception at work, not 3G. At home i couldn't even hold a signal long enough to make a 5min phone call.... I was very upset. I canceled my contract with in 2 days and t-mobile waived my activation fee along with all other fees on the account. So at least they took care of me in the customer service side.

Up until today i was using my at&t sim in my t-mobile version and dealing with edge speeds. So yesterday I sold the t-mobile N1 and today my at&t N1 came in. at work and at home, full 3G, just like my old blackberry bold. Lightning fast speeds and rock solid connection. I live in 22309 btw.

As far as the phone itself, it feels like the exact same phone hardware wise. I don't see any color issues and my screen is just as responsive as it was with the t-mobile one.