It's 1/26 and still no N1 on Verizon. That is all.

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Thread: It's 1/26 and still no N1 on Verizon. That is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catch22 View Post
    Haha you guys are hilarious. I am telling you my experience. and you guys spout some useless stuff that we hear everyday in the commercials. My Experience is that my t-mobile nexus one running in 3G at 4 different locations around my town worked as well or better when comparing internet speeds to 2 friends with a bold on Verizon 3g and a iphone on ATT 3G. I am not talking Wifi Im talking 3G. We did this test by using the CNET bandwidth meter on all three phones all at the same time and all with wifi shut off.

    Obviously this does not mean everyone would have these same results in every city or location. But for ME I am not loosing out on anything by using Tmobile and not Verizon or ATT. I freaking pay almost half what you would pay for unlimited everything and my speeds so far have tested equal or better. So I am one happy customer and I want others who are making the decision to know that Tmobile can be the best deal for many people.

    So please Stop telling everyone that Verizon or ATT is always better than T-Mobile. I Think Verizon and ATT are great services as well but for many people T-mobile is a perfect solution and they wont be giving up much if anything and they will have more money in their pocket..
    yes Verizon and ATT have more coverage areas. This is a huge deal if you are a constant traveller. If you stay in cities most of the time T-Moble can be a great service. And many say it will be the fastest service nationwide once the 7.2 upgrades are completed THIS YEAR.

    you guys should just admit that T-Mobile is a Great service just like ATT and Verizon are great services. They all have different pros and cons and nobody here or anywhere can say one is the best because they all are the best in different ways.
    T-Mobile with HSPA 7.2 indeed will probably have faster 3G speeds than AT&T and Verizon you are right. BUT Verizon's 3G network is close to be gone. 95% of Verizon's network has already been upgraded with Fiber Optic LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G network. Unlike Sprint's Wimax 4G, LTE is more reliable and much faster. Which will take T-Mobile YEARS to upgrade their network to be as fast as LTE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vhdiceman View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by overthehill View Post
    My wife's contract with Verizon is up next week. I visitied a Verizon store here in the San Diego area and asked about the Nexus One. The gal there told me they expect it around April. Not sure if she really knows the date, but April seems to be the word.

    We decided to wait and my wife will keep her LG until April. We love Verizon since we rarely get dropouts! I travel extensively and the only time I lose a call or cannot connect within the US is when I am in the middle of the desert or in the mountains.

    My two daughters have the iPhone and were trying to talk my wife into switching. Now they are both now experiencing significant dropouts on the AT&T network. Several times a day. This scares us both away from AT&T. What good is a great phone if you cannot get reliable connections?

    Finally we were thinking about T-Mobile, but from what I hear, their coverage is not good once you get out of the city. Any comments on that would be appreciated.

    It sounds like we're in the same boat bud. My wife and I want(ed) the iPhone so bad for years now, but because of the negative AT&T experience by others, and our own, we just can't switch off Verizon. We've had Verizon for 12 years from Rhode Island to West Virginia and never have dropped calls. we tried AT&T 2 years ago and we had more dropped calls in the first weekend then we did the previous 10 years with Verizon. Needless to say we returned the phones and stuck with our Verizon.

    Because of experiences like this, I'm extremely loyal (not fanboy) to Verizon for it's superior service and coverage. Our contracts are up this month and we're itching to renew with some nice new smartphones. We've tossed back and forth about the Pre Plus w/Pixi deal, the BOGO Curve 8530 deal, and the Droid Eris BOGO deal. I'm leaning towards the Eris` actually but damnit I want the Nexus One and can't hardly wait any longer.

    I'm almost ready to get the BOGO Eris deal and just see what happens...maybe I'll buy the Nexus one out right when it comes out.
    Just wait for Nexus, HTC Incredible (Which if Verizon picks it up will be better than Nexus with Ram Boost and other goodies) or something else. Droid Eris sucks, too small of a screen, unstable, I just hate it.

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