When I first got my phone in April 2011, I was puzzled between the Nexus One (free) and the new model which I can't recall what it was (100$). The store clerk told me if I was not satisfied and brought back the phone within 30 days I could change for the new one. Of course the story changed when I got back to store and I was stuck with this model (un-satisfaction #1)

Then the screen stopped responding and they had to replace. (un-satisfaction #2)

My second Nexus one now developed a freezed black screen whenever I receive a phone call. I have to remove & replace the battery to reset each time. (un-satisfied #3):mad:

Tech support told me it is a problematic phone and I should go to the store and they would offer a current model. (very satisfied)

However, once at the Chicoutimi store, they offered to replace with a refurbished phone. However, this is already my second replacement and I have never been satisfied with the touch screen as it very often selects a letter in the opposite side of the screen I touch. So I refused. (un-satisfaction #4)

Also, they refused to extend the warranty. (un-satisfaction #5)

Anyway, I refused the refurbished and they offered a XT720 which I have also refused. (un-satisfaction #6)

Now I am relying on the regional manager to make a decision after spending a tremendous amount of time on the phone with customer service (un-satisfaction #7)