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Thread: [KERNEL][PLAY] LuPuS [CM9 BASED][19-07-12]

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    [KERNEL][PLAY] LuPuS [CM9 BASED][19-07-12]

    LuPuS Kernel

    Hello there, I was reading about Governors on a thread
    and was curious about these governors that I hadn't seen before and wanted to try them.
    So then I came across this great thread by paxChristos and decided I would try compile a kernel with new Governors and io-scheduler.
    I've taken out a couple of things while compiling the kernel as well. I have been using it for a good few days now
    and thought I should share these Governors to other Xplay users.
    I googled for a name and came across LuPuS that is why the boot logo is what it is
    Well hope you all enjoy and I will be adding more governors soon when I get time
    Thanks to all those who have helped me making this, paxChristos for his advice & tutorial.
    Lightnindude, FXP and Cyanogenmod for their sources

    What Works --
    Wifi - (flash modules)
    Video Recording (480p)
    Video Playback
    Front Camera
    Everything Else that works on FXP & Mjolnir

    What doesn't work --
    Anything that doesn't work on FXP & Mjolnir

    Added Governors --
    Intellidemand - Thanks to faux123
    This is an intelligent ondemand that enters browsing mode to limit max frequency when GPU is idling,
    and (exits browsing mode) behaves like ondemand when GPU is busy; to deliver performance for gaming and such.
    Intellidemand does not jump to highest frequency when screen is off.

    Lazy - Thanks to Ezekeel
    The Idea here is to eliminate any instabilities caused by fast frequency switching by ondemand.
    Lazy governor polls more often than ondemand, but changes frequency only after completing min_time_state
    on a step overriding sampling interval.
    Lazy also has a screenoff_maxfreq parameter which when enabled will cause the governor to always
    select the maximum frequency while the screen is off.

    Lulzactive - Thanks to Tegrak
    Based on Interactive and Smartass. When workload is greater than or equal to 60%, the governor scales up
    CPU to next higher step. When workload is less than 60%, governor scales down CPU to next lower step.
    When screen is off, frequency is locked to global scaling minimum frequency

    Added Io-scheduler --
    VR io-scheduler - Unlike other schedulers, synchronous and asynchronous requests are not treated separately,
    instead a deadline is imposed for fairness. The next request to be served is based on it's distance from last request.

    I would like to say a big thanks to -
    paxChristos - Tutorial / Help
    KeiranFTW - for his PNG to RLE conversion script
    Lightningdude - Sources / Help
    FXP - Sources
    Cyanogenmod - Souces
    DooMLoRD - Everything he's done for XPLay
    Supervenom - For the amazing AOKP rom
    Solomon4400 - For helping me test (there where a few dodgy ones before I got it to work random reboots and stuff )

    Anyway now for the downloads ---
    LuPuS Kernel
    LuPuS Wifi Modules

    Please Click Thanks

    Sources here

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    Seen as these forums aren't being used I'm not goin to update here v2 is out with added governors + recovery v6 modded with aroma FM built in to the recovery check xda from now on for further up dates updates

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