Joining the large collection of games on the Xperia Play, comes Madden 12! You can find it in the Xperia Play Game Browser Application.

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Of course, every good game comes with a cost. This game in particular costs $5.99 USD. You can pay for it, or you can download the APK File from file sharing applications or websites.

You've probably been satsified with Madden 11 that was pre-installed on your Xperia Play, but Madden 12 will be a better upgrade.

Myself, I think Madden 12 has better graphics than the previous game, especially for just a Portable Device.

There are now 3 different difficulty modes, instead of 4. Being: Rookie, Pro, and All Madden.

A few players have changed for the new season.

So go out, either purchase or hijack this game, and have fun with your new Madden 12 for your Xperia PLAY™!