You have to believe in half of americans to play video games

A great majority (54%) of us citizens hold out movement image video games each and every week, up from 50% last year, in accordance with new look at away from your Magid mass media Futures 2012 study. practically 6 away from 10 (58%) men, aged 8-64, hold out weekly, up from 53% last year. between women, weekly gamers rose to wii motion plus controller 51% from 48% last year.

"Gaming behaviors hold on an upward tendency with engagement quantities up year-to-year," says Andrew Hare, senior analyst, look at and tactic for Frank N. Magid Associates. "This is really a testament for that profound way the marketplace has evolved. We are seeing additional purchasers hold out on mobile, tablet and interpersonal platforms, while gamers with psp chargersinternet related consoles now have additional possibilities for enjoyment at their fingertips at the same time to powerful triple A titles."