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Google Wallet Funds Are Now FDIC Insured

Apr 20, 2015 - 11:59 AM - by dgstorm

It looks like Google has taken their Google Wallet service to a new level of credibility and safety. This morning a new report from Yahoo! News indicated we now have full support from the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) for Google Wallet. This means any money you put in your Google Wallet account is now insured by the Federal Government for up $250,000 US dollars in the unlikely event Google ever goes bankrupt. The story has yet to be confirmed officially from Google, but we expect that to happen sometime soon.

This story got us to wondering... how many of our members actually use Google Wallet? Sound off in this thread and let us know if you use Google Wallet, and, if so, do you use it a little or a lot?
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Two Roommates Stab Each Other Over Android & iPhone Argument

Apr 17, 2015 - 11:03 AM - by dgstorm

The internet is awash in trolls who lurk in comment sections of blogs ready to jump down each other's throats to "debate" (and debase each other) over Android vs. iPhone. This latest news report coming out of Tulsa, Oklahoma may have just found the two "Idiot Kings" of this behavior.

Two roommates in the Evergreen Apartments were taken to the hospital after stabbing each other over an argument as to which mobile platform was better than the other. The altercation occurred at 1am on Friday morning and devolved into smashing beer bottles on each other and then stabbing each other repeatedly.

Both of the boneheads survived and were treated for their wounds. Police have not yet decided whether they will charge either mobile gladiator. Perhaps they were lucky there wasn't a third roommate who was a Windows Phone user... all three might have ended up with posthumous Darwin awards.

Let this be a lesson folks... it's fine to have a favorite technology, but there's room enough in this world to like multiple platforms, and arguments can obviously be taken way too far. Just remember, if we didn't have the competition between Apple, Google, Microsoft & others, then smartphones likely wouldn't have evolved so quickly and given us such amazing capabilities!

Source: BGR
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Blizzard Launches Hearthstone for Android Phones

Apr 16, 2015 - 10:57 AM - by dgstorm

For those who haven't heard of it, Hearthstone from Blizzard is a virtual collectible card game set in the World of Warcraft universe. It uses turn-based mechanics and is similar to the real-world collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. The game has been available on Android tablets for some time now, but the latest news is that Blizzard was able to create a version for Android smartphones (and the iPhone) now too.

Here's a quick quote from Blizzard regarding the more mobile version of the game:

Never played Hearthstone? No problem! Just download the app and run through a few lighthearted tutorial missions to get a handle on the basics of this quick and fun collectible card game. Before you know it, you’ll be slinging cards as your favorite hero in Play Mode against friends and other players alike. Soon, you’ll be on your way to earning card packs, in-game gold, and arcane dust as you command a colorful cast of characters into the fray.

Already playing Hearthstone? Your card collection and progress are shared across any device that you use to play the game. That means all the cards you’ve collected will be waiting for you whenever you enjoy Hearthstone on your mobile phone.
Source: Hearthstone® Now Available on Mobile - News - Hearthstone
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Android 5.1 Rolls Out to Nexus 7 2013 LTE Model; Factory Images Available Too

Apr 15, 2015 - 12:12 PM - by dgstorm

Google started pushing out the Android 5.1 version of Lollipop to the Nexus 7 2013 LTE model. They also made the Factory Image available to both the Nexus 7 2013 and the Nexus 7 2013 LTE.

The main difference between this and the previous Android 5.0.2 (LRX22G) version is simply a number of bug fixes. Of course, that's a pretty important thing, so it is probably worth it for most folks.

Source: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images
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European Commission Files Formal Anti-Trust Charges Against Google

Apr 15, 2015 - 11:29 AM - by dgstorm

One of the big news stories of the morning is that the European Commission has formally charged Google with an anti-trust lawsuit. The EU contends that Google abused its Android operating system and unfairly gained market share for its services and software.

For the last four years the Commission has investigated Google for these issues. Three times Google tried to settle, but was not able to reach an amicable agreement with the EU. The Commission sent a series of objections to Google and the search giant now has 10 weeks to respond.

The primary complaint from the EU is that Google unfairly hindered access to rival applications and search results, illegally prevented manufacturers from running modified versions of the open-source Android operating system, and excessively bundled its apps with other essential services or APIs.

If Google loses this case, they will likely be faced with heavy fines and will be required to change how search results are generated or how advertising is displayed. This could negatively impact the bottom line revenue for Google.

Google replied in a separate statement by reminding that its partner agreements with mobile-phone makers are voluntary.

Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP of engineering for Android, said in a blog posting, “We understand that with success comes scrutiny. But it’s not just Google that has benefited from Android’s success. The Android model has let manufacturers compete on their unique innovations.”

Google's direct response was as follows,

Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, said that the company “strongly” disagrees with the need to issue an antitrust complaint and will make that case in response to the EU statement of objections.

On shopping, “there’s a ton of competition” such as Amazon.com Inc. and EBay Inc., Singhal said in a blog posting.
Source: Bloomberg
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Microsoft May Cut Patent Fees In Exchange for Software Pre-Installation

Apr 14, 2015 - 1:06 PM - by dgstorm

If this latest bit of intel is true, it would be another smart business move by Microsoft. Supposedly, the Redmond based mega-corp is courting some interesting agreements with OEMs like Samsung and others. Microsoft is supposedly offering to reduce the amount of patent licensing fees they charge for various Android-related patents in exchange for pre-installed Microsoft software on Android devices. Here's a quote with the details,

Android hardware manufacturers have all signed a patent licensing agreement with Microsoft for various essential technologies developed by the company. However, according to findings from Taiwan’s and China’s smartphone/tablet upstream supply chain, Microsoft is offering discounts to those who pre-install Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, as well as OneDrive and Skype onto their Android devices. So far, 11 hardware partners are signed up to the deal.
This seems like a win-win for both parties. The OEMs get to eke out a bit more profit from their Android devices, while Microsoft gets relatively cheap product placement.

Source: AndroidAuthority
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Google Carrier Intel: May Offer Pay Per Used Gigabyte Data Service with BuyBack

Apr 14, 2015 - 11:53 AM - by dgstorm

If the latest leaked intel from Google is true, the company could be planning to enter the market with a bang by offering an incredible incentive. The folks Android Police were able to get their hands on Google's Android app for their upcoming MVNO carrier service, and they found some interesting references hidden within its code.

The app is called Tycho, and the internal name for the service is Project Fi, (although references to the name Nova were also found within the app). The code within the app also confirms what we already knew, that the carrier service from Google will piggy-back between T-Mobile and Sprint's towers for the service. More importantly, the app describes some of the ways that Google plans to provide extra value for its customers. The most intriguing piece of the puzzle is that Google's service will likely be a "pay per gigabyte-based" subscription, in which you only pay for what you use, and can get credit back for any unused data you sign up for, but don't use.

Here's a quote with the details,

Unlike most wireless carriers, Project Fi is built around the idea of only charging customers for what they use. There are still service plans like any carrier, but when customers don't utilize the allotment of data they have chosen, they will be credited for the unused amount at the end of the month. In the event that they exceed that amount, they are charged the same flat rate for each additional gigabyte. There appear to be no artificially hiked up overage fees.
They also found that,

Calling or texting any number in the US is free, and international calls are charged as a low rate.
The intel gleaned from this bit of code-hacking isn't all good though (depending on your point of view). They apparently also found code which will allow Google to track your business related phone calls, so they can target you with ads related to what interests you. This is only based upon the phone number you dialed, and is not a recording of the actual conversation. The code seemed to indicate that you will be able to opt out of it from the get-go.

Despite this one hiccup (the contents of which are probably not surprising considering we are talking about Google), Google's MVNO service could be a big shakeup in the industry if they can spread to a large swath of the country. Hopefully it will light a fire under the big carriers, AT&T and Verizon to get more competitive.

There's actually quite a bit more detailed analysis on this code, so if you want to find out more, hit up the source link below.

Source: AndroidPolice
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Moto 360 Now Only $165 in Google Play Store with Free Shipping [Deal Alert]

Apr 14, 2015 - 11:27 AM - by dgstorm

We aren't sure if this excellent deal alert for the Moto 360 is only for a limited time, but just in case it is, you might want to move on it quickly. You can grab the Moto 360 for a paltry $165 on the Google Play Store right now, and it includes free shipping!

Here's the link to grab yours: Google Play Store - Moto 360

[Editor's Note: This looks like a straight price drop as there is no indication that it will be for a limited time. This has lead to some speculation that we could be seeing a second generation Moto 360 smartwatch announcement sometime within the next few weeks/months. Of course, it may be nothing more than Google just wanting to clear out some back-stock, but it's worth considering. We will keep an eye out for any hints of a new smartwatch from Motorola.]
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Sprint Plans to Offer In Home Delivery and Setup of Smartphones & Tablets

Apr 13, 2015 - 12:09 PM - by dgstorm

Sprint has un uphill battle to try and play "catch up" with Verizon and AT&T while it competes with T-Mobile. Because of that, the Now Network is throwing every idea at the wall until one sticks. Their latest concept is a bit odd, but intriguing. They plan to hire 5,000 employees and pair them up with 5,000 vehicles emblazoned with Sprint advertising, with the intention of offering "in home delivery and setup" of smartphones and tablets on the Sprint network.

Here's a quote with more of the details,

U.S. wireless operator Sprint is now offering to deliver and set up phones, tablets and other connected devices for free at homes, offices and other locations chosen by the customer.

The offer is currently limited to eligible upgrade customers, but starting September, new customers in selected markets will be able to choose the new Direct 2 You option, when buying online or through call centers.

Launching in Kansas City metropolitan area on Monday, the program will be expanded across the country using about 5,000 branded cars and employing 5,000 staff by year end. A rollout in Miami and Chicago is scheduled for April 20.
Deliveries will be limited to specific zones, and the service will include the he Sprint rep transferring content from your older phone, as well as a tutorial for your new device. It sounds good in theory, but it seems like a service which will have a limited appeal. What do you think?

Source: PCWorld

Thanks for the tip, [USER=249463]@Jeffrey[/USER]!
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Flynx is a Free App That Completely Transforms How You Use Your Android

Apr 09, 2015 - 11:16 AM - by dgstorm

Sometimes a software idea comes along that offers up a truly innovative idea, and today we found a great example of that. It's called Flynx (by InfiKen Labs) and it will quite literally change the way you use your Android device. Flynx basically replaces your default web browser with a new one, It creates pop-ups within the browser which work similarly to Facebook's chat heads. In Facebook, these are pretty annoying, but in the context of how Flynx works, it's actually quite brilliant, as it basically allows you to multi-task like a madman!

Flynx allows you to tap any of the links in any app and the page will load in the background. Simultaneously, a chat head-like icon appears on the side of your display. You can then tap the icon and a smaller version of the page will appear on top of whichever app you are using at that time. Tabs are supported as well, and there is even a read later service, which saves pages to be read online or offline later.

The icing on the cake regarding Flynx is that it is a completely free app! Here's the full description from the Google Play Store:

Flynx helps you open articles and links from all your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, etc. in a revolutionary new way.

★★★★★ Featured as one of the essential apps on playstore by Google.

★★★★★ Featured on LifeHacker, Gizmodo, Economic Times, Addictive Tips, Android Community, YourStory and many more...

It loads articles and links in background for you while you do something productive.
Our quick read mode gets rid of ads and loads only relevant content saving your time and data. It also allows you to save articles offline to read them later.

Why Flynx?

✔ SAVE TIME : It loads articles and other links in background while you continue using your current app.

✔ SAVE DATA, LOAD FASTER : Flynx intelligently gets rid of all ads and unnecessary clutter from blogs and articles, saving you lot of mobile data.

✔ READ EASY : Flynx displays news articles and blogs in a beautiful, easy-on-eyes view, allowing you to focus only on meaningful content.

✔ SAVE OFFLINE, READ LATER : Saving articles offline is super easy. Just double-tap a link from any of your favorite apps and thats it!

✔ TRUE MULTITASKING : Flynx makes multitasking effortless by allowing you to open multiple links and switch between them easily, all without ever leaving current app.

✔ SMART SHARING : Share links quickly to your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pushbullet or save links directly to Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, Evernote, etc.

✔ FLYNX IN YOUR LANGUAGE : It has been translated into over 15 languages including Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Thanks to amazing volunteers from all over the world.
Here's a link to the company website for more info, and you can check out the video above too to see it in action: For more information, please visit our website http://www.flynxapp.com

Here's... [Read More]
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Android 5.1 Rolls Out to HTC One M7 GPe and M8 GPe

Apr 08, 2015 - 4:36 PM - by dgstorm

HTC's Mo Versi took to Twitter again today with some good news for owners of the HTC One M7 Google Play edition and the HTC One M8 Google Play edition. Both of these devices have started receiving the Android 5.1 Lollipop update. As is usual, the update will roll out in waves, so if you haven't seen it yet, don't fret.

The update simply moves these devices from Android 5.0.2 to Android 5.1 for all of the commensurate bug fixes. There are a few features added as well, including adjustments to wireless connection setups, system volume controls and notifications, and a smattering of new animations. The update also adds HD Voice Calling, Dual-SIM support and Device Protection as well.

Source: Twitter
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LG G4 Camera Shown Off in New Video to Tease April 28th Official Reveal

Apr 07, 2015 - 11:09 AM - by dgstorm

LG just shared their official unveiling of the LG G4 flagship smartphone. They used a quick video teaser which focused (pun intended) on the brand new f/1.8 aperture for the camera lens on the device. The tagline for the event was "See the great, feel the great" and they ended it with a screenshot of the LG G4 logo engraved in leather. Check out the teaser above, and stay tuned on April 28th for the big event!
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