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The LG G Watch Has a Brand New Promo Video

May 12, 2014 - 11:19 AM - by dgstorm

It looks like LG wants to tease a bit more about their upcoming G Watch Android wearable. Just like with some of their previous releases, it's mostly just marketing fluff designed to entice the consumer. LG claims the G Watch will be “ready for anything, anytime with a single charge,” and they plan to "define" the format. While it remains to be seen if these lofty statements will be accurate, the video is definitely worth a watch...

We get a peek at the UI, which is more than we have seen before. Enjoy!
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LG Officially Unveils Three New Android Tablets: The G Pad 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1

May 12, 2014 - 10:49 AM - by dgstorm

LG is finally getting serious about the Android tablet market. They just officially revealed their new lineup of G Pad tablets in three different flavors. We have the G Pad 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1. They didn't really share much in regards to the specs and features of these devices. Instead it's mostly marketing speak and hyperbole. Here's the full presser to see what we mean,


Three New Tablets Satisfy Consumer Demand for More Choices to Fit Their Lifestyles

SEOUL, May 12, 2014 ― LG Electronics (LG) is adding three new tablets to its G Pad series to offer more options for tablet users. The new G Pad devices ― G Pad 7.0, G Pad 8.0 and G Pad 10.1 ― will be unveiled at the MedPI 2014, one of the biggest IT/Tech trade show in Europe, taking place in Monaco from May 13-16. LG’s extended tablet portfolio, which also includes the well-received G Pad 8.3, will significantly expand LG’s footprint in the tablet market.

“Customers tell us that they want a wider range of devices that offer sizable screens without compromising portability,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Unlike smartphones, tablets are not one size fits all. So we designed the G Pad Series for a diverse target audience, some who prioritize portability while others want the best multimedia experience possible. G Pad delivers on all counts.”

Highlights of LG’s new G Pad Series tablets are:

● G Pad 7.0: Designed to be held in one hand, LG’s smallest tablet is an on-the-go entertainment hub that delivers both portability and power.
● G Pad 8.0: With its 8-inch display, LG’s mid-sized tablet offers an immersive multimedia experience and smooth multitasking.
● G Pad 10.1: With the largest display and battery, LG’s 10.1-inch tablet provides endless hours of entertainment and fun.

The latest G Pad tablets will also include LG’s proprietary UX features such as QPair 2.0 and Knock CodeTM. With an updated version of QPair, which was first introduced on G Pad 8.3, users can effortlessly connect to their Android-powered smartphones via Bluetooth to receive notifications of calls and messages and now be able to respond directly from the G Pad. What’s more, Knock Code™ enables users to power on and unlock their LG smartphones in one easy step by entering a personalized “knock” pattern on the smartphone’s display. Knock Code™ offers convenience and greater security as the knock pattern can be entered anywhere on the screen in any size ― with the display on or off ― using a personalized sequence of two to eight taps for more than 80,000 possible combinations.

Additional details of LG’s new G Pad tablets including specifications and availability will be announced locally in the weeks ahead.
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Valve Brings Portal and Half-Life 2 to NVIDIA Shield for $9.99 Each

May 12, 2014 - 10:39 AM - by dgstorm

Just as predicted a few days ago, Valve Software, has made their classic Portal and Half-Life 2 games available for the NVIDIA Shield. There's no word on if the games will be ported to any other devices. Although it is obvious they will work on Android, it's possible that the only Android hardware capable of running these games effectively is the Shield. Of course, it's actually more probable that NVIDIA secured an exclusive deal for now. Maybe the games will come to other Android devices which are just as capable as the Shield.

Both games are on the Google Play Store for $9.99 each. This is the same price you pay for both games on the PC as well, which is where they originated. Here are a couple of quotes from the Play Store describing each game,

Portal Description -

As featured in TegraZone and winner of over 70 industry awards and 95% MetaCritic score, Portal is available on NVIDIA SHIELD.

Portal is a hybrid of FPS and puzzle style gaming that creates a new genre of spatial brain teasers, offering hours of totally unique gameplay. Set in the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories and noted for its humorous writing, the game requires player to solve puzzles and challenges by opening portals, maneuvering objects, and moving themselves through space in ways that used to be impossible.

Playing Portal today will teach you how to love a "companion cube", whether a computer named GLaDOS really wants you dead, and why your friends keep telling you
"The cake is a lie".

Half-Life 2 Description -

As featured in TegraZone and with over 50 Game of the Year Awards and a the highest MetaCritic score of any PC game, Half-Life 2 is one of the most celebrated and best selling games of all time.

Winner of multiple Game of the Decade Awards, Half-Life 2 offers a startling level of realism and responsiveness, opening the door to a world where the player’s presence affects everything around him, from the physical environments to the behaviors – even the emotions – of both friends and enemies.
The player again picks up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling.

• Digital Actors: Experience the most sophisticated in-game characters ever witnessed.

• Advanced AI: Friends and foes assess threats and fashion weapons from what is at hand.

• Stunning Graphics: Incredibly realistic environments and special effects.

• Physical Gameplay: Objects obey the laws of gravity, friction, and buoyancy.

Sound off if you are intrigued to try these games out on the Shield.

Source: Google... [Read More]
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Sony Posts a Verizon Xperia Z2 Image on Google+

May 12, 2014 - 10:19 AM - by dgstorm

A couple weeks ago we shared a hint that Verizon might actually be bringing the Sony Xperia Z2 to their network. A leaked ad featured the device with a Verizon logo clearly visible on the front of it. The ad was quickly removed and replaced after the media picked it up as a story, so there are several things which could be inferred about it.

Either it was a mistake from the marketing department about a deal that Verizon didn't want to reveal just yet, or the two companies are working on a deal that may never come to fruition. There is new evidence which just arose recently, further cementing the possibility of a Verizon Xperia Z1. Basically the same thing happened, only it was on a Korean Sony website. An Xperia Z2 can be seen in an ad pic. Looking closely at the back, the Verizon logo can be barely made out. Just as before, the ad was quickly yanked and replaced with one which no longer has the logo. this of course didn't happen before someone grabbed the pic, which is what you see above.

This time it was obviously a marketing blunder rather than an intentional tease, since it makes no sense to have a Verizon logo on a Korean smartphone ad. Despite this, it means Sony has an inventory of Xperia Z2 devices which have Verizon logos on them. This means they either have a deal with Big Red, are working on a deal with Big Red, or maybe almost had a deal with Big Red. We will continue to keep you updated as more details emerge.

Source: XperiaBlog & Sony
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NVIDIA Mocha tablet Specs Leaked; Tegra K1 and More

May 09, 2014 - 11:25 AM - by dgstorm

We have some more NVIDIA news for you guys today. This time we have a hint of a new tablet coming from the chipset maker. We have an internal codename, and we even have a spec list leak for it. A device called the NVIDIA Mocha showed up on the GFXBench website with the following specs:

Continue Reading @: NVIDIA Mocha tablet Specs Leaked; Tegra K1 and More
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Portal Coming to NVIDIA Shield May 12 for $9.99, and Half-Life 2 Teased As Well

May 09, 2014 - 11:08 AM - by dgstorm

Fans of the Valve classic Portal who also happen to own the NVIDIA Shield portable Android gaming device will likely be pleased by today's double news story. First, Valve has confirmed that Portal will launch for the Shield on May 12th for a price of just $9.99. For those who haven't heard of Portal, it's a unique game that combines elements of first person shooters with puzzle solving using a device which creates temporary "wormholes" allowing you to access different areas of the game. That's an overly simplified description of what of the most addictive games ever for the PC.

It's exciting to see it coming to Android in its full form. That's not all of the exciting news though. There's an even more classic and famous Valve game that was just teased for the Shield. The above picture of a crowbar with an engraving of the question, "What would Gordon do?" couldn't be anymore obvious to fans of the Half-Life series on the PC than if they hit you over the head with a crowbar. It obviously means Valve has ported Half-Life 2 for the Shield as well.

Both of these games coming to the Shield could help make it even more popular, and will at least give fans of the device hours upon hours of classic gaming goodness.

Source: AndroidAuthority
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Sony Unveils Xperia ZL2; Smaller Version of Xperia Z2 with New Outer Design

May 08, 2014 - 3:36 PM - by dgstorm

It's great to see that Sony was brave enough not to follow the lead of their competitors by saddling the smaller version of their flagship Xperia Z2 smartphone with the over-used "Mini" moniker. Sony just announced the Xperia ZL2, which is basically a smaller version of the Xperia Z2. This new phone also has a slightly different outer case design, which makes it stand out a bit. Regardless, it still keeps that same elegant design aesthetic that characterizes Sony smartphones so well.

Here's a breakdown of specs:
  • 5-inch 1080p Full HD touchscreen
  • 20.7 MP rear camera with LED flash and 4K video recording
  • 3 MP front camera
  • 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 32 GB of internal storage
  • A microSD card slot
  • 150 Mbps 4G LTE
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • 3,000 mAh battery
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Dimensions are 137x72x10.8 mm, and weighs 167 grams
  • IP58 standard for water and dust resistance

Right now the device was only announced for the carrier KDDI in Japan. Let's cross our fingers that this puppy comes to other markets as well.

Source: UnWiredView
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LG G3 Won't Be the First QHD Device; KDDI Japan’s LG Isai FL Will be The First

May 08, 2014 - 11:29 AM - by dgstorm

KaChow graciously brought us a great follow-up to our LG G3 spec article yesterday. As you can see from his post here, LG officially confirmed they developed their QHD display technology. More than likely it will be coming to the G3.

Ironically, it won't be the G3 that gets the 2K Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display first though. Despite this, it will still be an LG device. As it turns out, LG will release a device called the Isai FL to the carrier KDDI in Japan. Here's the full feature-set of the device which will be coming to the Japanese carrier soon,
  • 5.5 inches QHD Display with 538ppi
  • 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (type unspecified)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 13 megapixel camera that can shoot 4K video
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • A microSDXC card slot for cards up to 128GB
  • 1.3MP front camera
  • Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi AC, NFC and more

Here's a quote with a few more details of this device,

Of special noteworthy mention is that the device is billed with an IR blaster, and it features that same mysterious back sensor that the LG G3 does in its leaked shots. We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where that infrared goodness is coming from on both the Isai FL and the LG G3.

Design wise, KDDI’s phone does have rear facing volume buttons, but they’ve either elected to keep the power button in a more traditional spot or remove it altogether in favor of LG KnockOn (double tap to wake). It’s a phone most of us will never see, but it’s nice to get a preview of sorts of what the LG G3 might offer when it’s unveiled later this month.
There are several possibilities which come to mind when viewing this. One, this is the device we have heard repeated rumors about with "lower-end" specs, and the G3 will actually have the higher end specs we posted yesterday. Two, the LG G3 will have these same internals and will not be as cutting edge as we would like. Three, if number two is true, then it is possible that LG is following Samsung and HTC and will offer a premium version of the G3 which will have the higher-end specs.

One things for sure, we will know all the details in just a couple more weeks.

Source: Phandroid
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Samsung Demotes Design Chief; Unpopular 'Dimples' on Back of Galaxy S5 to Blame

May 08, 2014 - 10:54 AM - by dgstorm

Samsung is shuffling around some of their higher level design team executives. Dong-Hoon Chang was Samsung’s chief of mobile design, but has since been demoted to head of the design strategy team. Earlier reports from several mobile websites indicated Chang was asked to resign, but that turns out to not be entirely accurate. Lee Min-hyouk, vice president for mobile design has taken up the mantle as the new chief of mobile design for Samsung.

Here's Samsung's statement on the matter,

"Vice President Min-hyouk Lee has recently been promoted to Head of Design Team within the Mobile Communications Business of Samsung Electronics. The realignment enables Executive Vice President Dong-hoon Chang to focus more on his role as Head of Design Strategy Team, the company's corporate design center which is responsible for long-term design strategy across all of Samsung Electronics' businesses, including Mobile Communications."
Industry speculation blames Chang's demotion on weak critical reception to the dimpled, plastic-backed Galaxy S5, and to general consumer malaise regarding the Galaxy S line's previous mediocre aesthetics. Here's a quote with a great explanation of this,

The Galaxy S5, which debuted globally last month, has received a lukewarm response from consumers due to its lack of eye-popping hardware innovations, while its plastic case design has been panned by some critics for looking cheap and made out of a conveyor belt. The Wall Street Journal said the gold-colored back cover on the S5 looked like a band-aid.
What do you think? Is the Galaxy S series' design getting a bit stale?

Source: Reuters
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Samsung Galaxy S5 First Device to Get Samsung's BYOD-friendly Knox 2.0 Suite

May 08, 2014 - 10:21 AM - by dgstorm

For all of the IT folks interested in Samsung's Knox security suite, you will be intrigued to know that Samsung has released their newest version of it. Knox Security Suite Version 2.0 was just released for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Although that is the first device to showcase the new Knox, it won't be the only one. The security platform is still a BYOD project, although it has its limits right now. There are a number of new features which make this version superior to the first version. Here's a quote with some of the details,

Some of the new features in the upgraded version are a dedicated app store called Marketplace, cloud-based management, and certificate management functionality that can turn a smartphone into a smartcard.

The platform is also compatible with third party containers, such as Good’s secure container, Fixmo’s SafeZone, and MobileIron’s AppConnect, which are getting the same level of hardware-based protection as Samsung’s own container. The goal is to give IT departments more choice when they implement or augment their BYOD programs, Samsung said.

To separate personal and professional usage on a BYOD smartphone, a new billing feature lets carriers calculate the costs for personal and professional apps, according to Samsung.
There are still some kinks to work out in the service. For example, Knox is tightly integrated with the Fingerprint Scanner on the Galaxy S5, but this is a double-edged sword as it has been shown that the fingerprint scanner on the SGS5 can be fooled with fakes. Ultimately, this is a minor risk as the steps to make this work are typically not worth the effort for a would-be thief.

Regardless of the issues, it's great to see innovation in this area continue to push forward. Security for our mobile devices is a hot topic these days and will only continue to become more important in the future.

Thanks for the tip!

Source: PCWorld
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[Deal Alert] HTC One M8 Half Off for One Day Only Sale; Just $100 On Contract

May 08, 2014 - 10:08 AM - by dgstorm

Are you up for checking out a spectacular sale on one of the best Android smartphones on the planet? The HTC One M8 is half off for today only from HTC themselves! You can head over to the HTC source link below and order the HTC One M8 for just $99.99 on a new contract with either AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

The offer even includes HTC's 6 month cracked screen coverage with the HTC Advantage program. Some of the color choices are limited, so you will want to check out the full details before pulling the trigger.

It looks like HTC is starting to get even more aggressive with their marketing program.

Here's that source link: HTC
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Huawei Officially Unveils the Ascend P7

May 07, 2014 - 11:30 AM - by dgstorm

Huawei just revealed their next big flagship device. It's the Ascend P7, and it is billed as a premium and innovative device. The Ascend P7 is one of the slimmest smartphones on the planet at just 6.5mm. Here's a glance at the hardware inside the device,

  • 5-inch 1080p HD display
  • HiSilicon quad-core 1.8GHz processor with Mali450 graphics
  • 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage (microSD card slot up to 32GB included)
  • 13 megapixel Sony Exmor aperture f/2.0 sensor with an 8 megapixel front camera
  • NFC, WiFi N, Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2,500mAh battery
  • Android 4.4 KitKat with Emotion UI
  • 139.8mm x 68.8mm x 6.5mm, 124g

It's interesting to take note if Huawei's UI overlay for Android, called Emotion UI. It basically looks like a mish-mash of Android and iOS. From what we know the device should hit retail stores for 449 euro later this month. It will appear in the following markets:

China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, Greece, Norway, Hungary, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates
As you can see from this list, it won't be breaking into the U.S. market anytime soon. We will keep you updated when/if that changes.
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