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[Rumor] Google is Nearly Ready to Launch Android TV to Replace Google TV

Apr 07, 2014 - 11:29 AM - by dgstorm

Supposedly, a smattering of support docs for Android TV were leaked from Google. These support docs lend credibility to the rumors that Google will be ready to launch Android TV to replace Google TV very soon.

Besides a streamlined interface, it looks like the Android TV remote is being redesigned as well, with a focus on navigating easily back and forth between menus. Here are some of the quotes found from Google in the documents,

"Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform. It’s all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction. "[It will be] cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast."
They also added, "Access to content should be simple and magical," and, "Android TV is Android, optimized for the living room consumption experience on a TV screen." The docs also seem to suggest that Google is simplifying Android TV a great deal and removing some of the extraneous features found in Google TV.

The removed features are telephony, cameras, touchscreen support and near-field communication. Google is also working on creating ready-made interfaces so devs can just plug in games, shows, photos, music, films and more. Finally, the docs also seem to indicate that the interface of Android TV should never take more than three gestures to go from the homescreen to a new piece of content. Additionally, search is now secondary to intuitively understanding what you want and delivering it as soon as possible.

Still, universal search is an important feature and has some improvements. Supposedly, pressing Search on the controller allow you to search within individual apps as well. Check out the rest of the included docs' pics below in the thread.

Source: TheVerge
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Moto X+1: Next Moto X or Just a Leather-backed New Moto X Version for Moto Maker?

Apr 07, 2014 - 11:26 AM - by cereal killer

Over the weekend, one of the big news stories to come down the pike was rumors of a Moto X+1. At first the speculation suggested it would be the new successor to the Moto X, and that could still be true; however, the smart money is on intel that it will be a new Moto Maker version of the Moto X which will include a leather back.

Both hints of the device came from famed leaker @evleaks. His first posted hinted at the name, and his second seems to be a dead giveaway about at least one aspect of the Moto X+1. You can see his tweets in order from top to bottom above. What do you guys think? Is upgrading the outer case enough to make folks want a new Moto X, or does the +1 need to have more going for it than that?

originally written by dgstorm

Via: Droid Forums
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Snapdragon Reveals Impressive 808 and 810 64-bit 20nm Mobile Chips for Next Year

Apr 07, 2014 - 10:59 AM - by dgstorm

It looks like Qualcomm is just never satisfied with impressing mobile tech geeks. They continue to push the envelope, even when we are already blown away by the amazing tech they show off. Their latest creations scheduled to debut next year are the Snapdragon 808 and 810. Here's a quick spec breakdown of these powerhouse chipsets,

Snapdragon 808 MSM8992: (The 808 differs from the 810 primarily with a different core arrangement and slightly slower GPU and memory interface.)

  • CPU: 2 Cortex A57 cores + 4 Cortex A53 cores (hexa-core, big.LITTLE arrangement)
  • ISA: 32-bit/64-bit ARM v8-A, 20nm
  • GPU: Adreno 418
  • Memory bandwidth: 64-bit LPDDR4-933
  • LTE: Cat 6/7 LTE, built-in
  • eMMC interface: 5.0
  • Wi-Fi: no (requires separate Wi-Fi module)
  • Camera ISP: 12-bit dual-ISP
  • H.256 encode/decode: no/yes

Snapdragon 810 MSM8994: (The 810 is the higher-end of the two chipsets, and is designed to follow-up the Snapdragon 805, which is coming later this summer.)

  • CPU: 4 Cortex A57 cores + 4 Cortex A53 cores (octo-core, big.LITTLE arrangement)
  • ISA: 32-bit/64-bit ARM v8-A, 20nm
  • GPU: Adreno 430
  • Memory bandwidth: 64-bit LPDDR4-1600
  • LTE: Cat 6/7 LTE, built-in
  • eMMC interface: 5.0
  • Wi-Fi: no (requires separate Wi-Fi module)
  • Camera ISP: 14-bit dual-ISP
  • H.256 encode/decode: yes/yes

It looks like Qualcomm is now starting to make excellent use of the big.LITTLE architecture, which makes their stuff a bit more similar to Samsung's Exynos. Regardless of how things are evolving in the mobile tech world, Qualcomm seems to be on the leading edge. Can Samsung and NVIDIA (or any of the other chip OEMs) really compete with Qualcomm's lead?

Source: Anandtech
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April Software Update for the NVIDIA Shield Brings a Host of New Features

Apr 07, 2014 - 10:41 AM - by dgstorm

There's a new software update for the NVIDIA Shield gaming device. It brings the Shield up to Android 4.4.2 and adds a host of new features.

Here's a breakdown below:

  • Remote GameStream Beta
  • Notebook Support Beta
  • Console Mode: Now Keyboard & Mouse Compatible
  • Gamepad Mapper Improvements
  • New TegraZone
  • Android 4.4.2 "KitKat"
  • GameStream Quality Controls
  • Multi-PC Pairing
  • 1080p Console Mode Battery Charging

On top of these features and fixes, this new update also brings additional functionality. The list of compatible NVIDIA GeForce GTX-equipped desktop PCs for the Shield GameStream now includes the GTX 600M, GTX 700M, and GTX 800M laptops. You can find out more at the source link below.

Source: NVIDIA
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Samsung Breakthrough Could Commercialize Graphene Sooner Than Expected

Apr 04, 2014 - 11:46 AM - by dgstorm

Samsung has been working with the Sungkyunkwan University to develop graphene technology for future flexible devices, and they recently made a breakthrough in the manufacturing process. This breakthrough is likely to bring the super-material to market much sooner than predicted. This new breakthrough is a new manufacturing method, designed to produce large, thin sheets of graphene. While it is true that methods for that already exist, what is unique about this one is that Samsung's process does not reduce the mechanical properties of the nanomaterial, which has been a problem of other manufacturing techniques.

If you haven't heard of graphene, it's a nanomaterial which is likely to completely disrupt and alter the future of the entire electronics industry. Here's a quote which explains why graphene is so revolutionary...

Continue Reading @: Samsung Breakthrough Could Commercialize Graphene Sooner Than Expected
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Mysterious New Huawei Metal Chassis Pic is Leaked; High-End Specs Purported

Apr 02, 2014 - 10:34 AM - by dgstorm

A mysterious new Huawei flagship smartphone may be on the horizon. The leaked pic above is the metal chassis for some unknown new Huawei device. The leaker that revealed this pic also had some juicy tidbits on the "high end" specs of the device. Supposedly, Huawei has been working on...

Continue Reading @: Mysterious New Huawei Metal Chassis Pic is Leaked; High-End Specs Purported
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Specs are Leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Apr 02, 2014 - 9:59 AM - by dgstorm

A Samsung phone with the model number SM-G800 recently had its specs leaked. More than likely this will be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. There has been no official word that this device is coming, but past history from Sammy strongly indicates it will.

Here's the full breakdown of what was leaked...

Continue Reading @: Specs are Leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
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Coin Sized Platform Could Power Future Android Wear Devices

Apr 01, 2014 - 4:31 PM - by dgstorm

Imagination Technologies recently revealed their Newton platform which is based on its MIPS architecture. This tech will be built by their chip-making partner Ingenic, and uses Ingenic's power efficient Android-compatible 1GHz JZ4775 CPU. Early scuttlebutt suggests this chip is likely to show up in future Android wear devices as it seems taylor made for that platform.

This chipset actually has the power to give wearable devices (like smartwatches) as much as 30 hours (or more) battery life. It can even support a bevy of hardware options like: 3GB RAM, 720p video, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, MEMS sensors, health care sensors and USB. Check out the source link below for more info, and anticipate seeing this technology in future Android wearable devices.

Thanks for the tip!

Source: MIPS
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OnePlus One Contest Will Put 10 Smartphones in Some Lucky Hands

Apr 01, 2014 - 3:03 PM - by cereal killer

CyanogenMod and the folks at OnePlus are having a contest to giveaway 10 of their OnePlus One smartphones. Ten lucky winners will get their hands on the device a little ahead of the launch which is coming April 23rd. The contest will go through April 1 to April 10 in Europe and North America, and is called the “Case Chase.” It's meant to be reminiscent of the Mission Impossible TV show and movies. They announced the contest before today so it isn't an April Fool's Joke.

Here's a quote with the full details of the contest,

Mission Brief

Ten days. Ten locations. Ten chances to be one of the first to own a OnePlus One.

We’ve positioned Agents across the world to secure high value targets. Your mission is to find and extract the packages. The Agency will provide live surveillance and intelligence via the following channels: @CyanogenMod, @CyanogenInc, @OnePlus - tune your communicators in accordingly. Satellites align April 1st, 2014 1100 PST.

This is no April fools.

To recover the package: decipher the surveillance, introduce yourself (handshake) to the Agent on the ground and state the code word. The first Recruit to complete the tasks will be heavily rewarded by the Agency. Consolations are available for the runners-up.

As always, should you be caught or questioned, CyanogenMod, Cyanogen Inc. & OnePlus will disavow any knowledge of your actions.


The pencil pushers in legal require us to provide a disclaimer.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Twitter. We hereby release Twitter of any liability. On the date of entry in the “Cyanogen & OnePlus Case Chase” participant must be eighteen years of age or older.


originally written by dgstorm

Winner(s) will be contacted by email 48 hours after receipt of Release documentation. Winner must sign release or forfeit the prize. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send us an email - contest@cyngn.com!
~ CyanogenMod
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Moto G is Most Successful Motorola Phone Ever; Boosts Moto's UK Market Up to 6%

Mar 31, 2014 - 10:24 AM - by dgstorm

Here are some interesting Motorola statistics to share with you guys today. This is actually a combination story, including stats from the end of last week that we didn't get a chance to post and some new stats posted today. Apparently, the Moto G has been a monster success for Motorola. In fact, sales of the Moto G have been the largest in the history of the company.

This was primarily fueled by excellent market penetration in India, but not limited to that market. Motorola Vice President Magnus Ahlqvist had this to say...

Continue Reading @: Moto G is Most Successful Motorola Phone Ever; Boosts Moto's UK Market Up to 6%
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AT&T Reveals Full Specs of the Asus PadFone X

Mar 28, 2014 - 3:36 PM - by dgstorm

Even though Asus officially announce the new PadFone X in January, they didn't reveal the specs of the device. Asus doesn't have to worry about providing those details anymore. Their "good buddy" AT&T revealed the full specs of the device recently. We still don't know when or at what price the device will arrive, but we at least know it is coming to AT&T.

Here's that spec-breakdown:

The Asus PadFone X phone section -
  • 5-inch 1080p Full HD touchscreen
  • 13 MP rear camera
  • 2 MP front camera
  • 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of internal storage
  • A microSD card slot
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  • 2,300 mAh battery
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Dimensions are 143.93×72.46×9.98 mm, and it weighs 150 grams

The Asus PadFone X Tablet Dock -
  • 9-inch 1,920×1,200 touchscreen
  • 1 MP front camera
  • 4,990 mAh battery
  • Dimensions will be 250.4×172.25×11.63 mm, and it will weigh 514 grams

With each successive generation of this innovative device it keeps getting better and better. Asus has done a great job at refining and perfecting their technology. Let us know if you plan on picking up one of these.

Source: UnWiredView via DroidForums.net
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Google Now Pressuring Android OEMs to Include 'Powered by Android' Branding

Mar 28, 2014 - 12:02 PM - by cereal killer

It looks like Google wants to improve the brand cache of their mobile OS. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the folks on this and all of our other tech sites know that they are using a device with an Android operating system. Apparently though, there are still a great number of average consumers out there who have no idea what type of OS is on their smartphone or tablet device.

Google wants to tweak that perspective a bit, and have been pushing Android OEMs to include the "Powered by Android" branding on all new devices. The first clue of this is seen in the new Samsung and HTC phones, where the slogan shows up on the boot screen. According to the report, this will show up on all new devices going forward, including tablets and smartphones which use Android. At this point there is no proof or official statement given on whether this is a requirement, or is just the result of some marketing pressure.

There's also no indication that manufacturer's who use heavily forked versions of Android, like Amazon, will be following suit. They might not take too kindly to this pressure. This could just spur them to make their own OS. Of course, that's not necessarily an easy thing to do without stepping on a few patents from multiple companies.

originally written by dgstorm

Via: DroidForums
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