• Samsung Shares List of First Galaxy Devices to get Android 4.0/ICS in Early 2012

    Samsung today announced that they will be updating a slew of Galaxy devices to Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich early next year.  Samsung indicated that the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note will get the update first, then the others will follow at some time within that quarter. They made no specific announcement of whether the U.S. versions will receive the update at the same time as the international versions. Considering that it is just a software update, you would think they could release them simultaneously, although that could stretch their servers thin.  You can see the list of devices after the break.

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  • AT&T and T-Mobile Buyout Now Officially ‘Dead’; Dropped by Both Parties

    Here’s another follow-up story to previous news. Last night, AT&T announced that they were dropping their bid to purchase T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom. The two companies had to concede to mounting regulatory pressure. AT&T originally claimed that it was imperative for them to purchase T-Mobile in order to improve their spectrum shortage issues. This was later refuted by a leaked internal document from AT&T’s own lawyers. Ultimately massive resistance from several consumer groups, private companies, the FCC and even an anti-competitive lawsuit from the Department of Justice finally forced the two companies to scuttle the deal.

    Previously, we reported that AT&T had withdrawn its FCC application in order to focus on the DoJ lawsuit, but the Judge presiding in that case wasn’t to thrilled about AT&T’s legal tactics, so things were looking grim. Now, since the deal is officiall dead, T-Mobile will receive a huge, “sorry we couldn’t get married” compensation prize, in the form of a $3 Billion cash payout, as well as an agreement that includes a large package of Advanced Wireless Solutions (AWS) spectrum and long-term national UMTS roaming, worth another $1 Billion. This is a record high “break-up” fee.

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  • Apple wins ITC Ban of HTC Phones in U.S.; HTC Responds with a Workaround & No Worries

    This is the first of a few update stories we have for you today.  Previously, we reported that a big court case between Apple and HTC would be decided near the end of this month that could dramatically affect the entire Android ecosystem.  Unluckily, the International Trade Commission ruled in favor of Apple, and has banned the importing of HTC devices that infringe Apple’s patents.  Luckily, the ultimate consequences turned out to be not nearly as dire as was possible.

    First, the ITC banned the import and sale of HTC devices running the Android 1.6 and 2.2 OS.  It was within these devices that Apple’s patent ’647 was being infringed upon.  Supposedly, this still leaves a window for Apple to crawl through in which they could go after other manufacturers of Android products.

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  • ClockWorkMod Custom Recovery Final Version is Here for the Galaxy Nexus CDMA LTE!

    ClockWorkMod Recovery for The Galaxy Nexus CDMA LTE has reached the final version and has been released by Developer “Koush”! CWM will replace your stock recovery and be necessary for installing custom roms and mods. With the custom recovery you can make a nandroid backup (complete backup of your entire system), Flash mods like battery%, notification toggles, bootanimations, and custom roms. Modified stock Roms, and Custom Roms are already available for the CDMA Galaxy Nexus. So you will want to head over to the thread and get started! Download link and installation instructions are provided!

    by DroidModderX

    Source: [Recovery] CWM Recovery Thread Image Source: Clockworkmod.com

  • Android App Review: Remote For Itunes Application

    Review by jacksoncmc835 @ AtrixForums.com

    Remote for Itunes is nifty application that allows one to control itunes from anywhere in your house. This Application requires a wifi connection to connect and function to allow the user to view your complete itunes library on phone and play the desired tunes. This application allows one to view and play by artists, albums, playlist or genres on a PC or Macintosh computer. It also allows one to change the volume of itunes and can be set up to more then one itunes if music is spread out across different computers.

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