AT&T Getting a Flagship Ice Cream Sandwich Phone in April: The HTC Elite

HTC has altered their strategy with Android smartphones and has decided to refocus their efforts on quality instead of quantity. According to reports, the manufacturer will throw out their previous process of throwing out as many phones as they can, hoping some of them will stick. Instead they are going back to basics to slow down production and increase the quality and marketability of each device. They plan to have a flagship Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich device available in April of next year for AT&T.

The phone’s internal codename is the HTC Elite, although there is a rumor that the launch name will be the HTC Congressional (let’s cross our fingers that this rumor does NOT stick, because that is an awful name). This phone will be a high-end device and, as is their new norm, will include Beats Audio technology and branding. The only other specs that were shared about the device was a 4.7-inch screen and LTE capability. We will keep you in the loop when we find out more.

Source: SlashGear

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