• ClockWorkMod Custom Recovery Final Version is Here for the Galaxy Nexus CDMA LTE!

    ClockWorkMod Custom Recovery Final Version is Here for the Galaxy Nexus CDMA LTE!

    ClockWorkMod Recovery for The Galaxy Nexus CDMA LTE has reached the final version and has been released by Developer “Koush”! CWM will replace your stock recovery and be necessary for installing custom roms and mods. With the custom recovery you can make a nandroid backup (complete backup of your entire system), Flash mods like battery%, notification toggles, bootanimations, and custom roms. Modified stock Roms, and Custom Roms are already available for the CDMA Galaxy Nexus. So you will want to head over to the thread and get started! Download link and installation instructions are provided!

    by DroidModderX

    Source: [Recovery] CWM Recovery Thread Image Source: Clockworkmod.com

  • Customize the HTC Thunderbolt with SHIFTAO5P HACK3D V IC3

    Customize the HTC Thunderbolt with SHIFTAO5P HACK3D V IC3

    Last Week I brought you a huge Release for the BIONIC! This week I bring you a Release from the same Dev team! Dhacker29 of the #Th3oryRom team has been working very hard on making sure that he doesn’t type any vowels! and also very hard on IC3 for ShiftA05P Hacked.  This Rom is Incredibly Sleek and just as Sexy as other Th3oryRoms!

    It is built on CyanogenMod which is based on Android Source 2.3.7. This also includes the Modded ZOOM Kernel V1.0.3 for better performance and battery life. Bloatware has been removed, and there are tweaks to the build.prop and gps.conf for even more speed and snappiness. Other tweaks include Ram disk tweaks and PNG optimization. Fully Integrated Google Services, Framework, and latest GAPPS.

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  • Introducing the Android.net Custom Icon Pack – Series 2

    Introducing the Android.net Custom Icon Pack – Series 2

    We are super excited to announce our second Android Avatar Compliation Pack. As you may be aware from our first pack we have these icons custom designed for us based on user suggestions. This pack is a half our ideas and half user suggestions. The next pack is going to be 100% user suggestions.

    You can check out the existing suggestion thread here so you don’t re-suggest an already existing Android. In addition, you can “vote” for your favorite suggestions by “liking” the post… our next submission will be the top suggestions based on this vote criteria so please participate!

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  • Droid Forums Icon Pack by ThaPHLASH

    Droid Forums Icon Pack by ThaPHLASH

    It is our pleasure to announce a new deal with one of our Forum members, ThaPHLASH. He is one of  the Droid Forums community developers, and his particular skill is in creating excellent icon packs. We kicked around the idea of giving away an icon pack to a handful of members of the site. Then we thought about how cool it would be to give away an icon pack to EVERY member on the site. After discussing it together he agreed to allow an exclusive DroidForums giveaway of one set of his icon packs; It’s called, “Tha Droid – Icon Pack.” This pack is a fantastic example of his work, and really suits DroidForums.net! The best thing is, all you have to do to get the icon pack is be a member of the forums! There’s no contest or random drawing. All DroidForums members will have a custom link to download “The Droid – Icon Pack” created by ThaPHLASH. This is just our way of saying thanks, and promoting the work of just one of our talented community developers. You guys are amazing!

    You can check out his announcement thread showing off a bit of Tha Droid icon pack here: “Tha Droid” icon pack (Taking suggestion)

    We also recommend checking out his website which features many more icon packs here: Icon pack | Tha Icon

    So, without further ado here is the Download link to start using the icon pack now: The Droid – Icon Pack, from ThaPHLASH. (Right click and save as the file to download it to your computer)

  • Introducing the Android.net custom Icon Pack – Series 1

    Introducing the Android.net custom Icon Pack – Series 1

    Android.net is proud to announce our first release of free Android icons. We commissioned this set from Icon Design Labs and will be doing future icon releases as well. This set features the following Android characters:

    • Android Nerd
    • Baby Android
    • Business Android
    • Flame Android
    • Android Girl
    • Android Ninja
    • Super Android
    • Tablet Android
    • UFO Android
    • Wally Android

    The full icon pack can be downloaded at this URL: Android.net Icon Pack – Series 1

    These icons are free to use but we do ask commercial entities to please provide attribution via a link to Android.net. We already have the second batch of icons on the way but I’ll keep the identities a secret for now. However, for our third series we are asking the community to make suggestions to us as to what type of Android Characters they’d like to see… To suggest a character, all you need to do is register @ Android.net (don’t forget, you can get your free @android.net email address as well) and post in this thread with your suggestion. Suggestions should look similar to the following:

    My suggestion is the following: <character name> – <character description, including objects he may be wearing and/or holding>

    Thread: Introducing the Android.net Icon Pack – Series 1

    That’s it! So, have fun and let the character suggestions fly!




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